A new gallery showcases art done off the clock

So many creative folks tell the same tale: They spend all day plying their trades, and by the time evening rolls around, they have no energy left for personal artistic pursuits. But ask about the work that gets them excited, and it’s often what they do off the clock that they find the most invigorating and rewarding.

Too often, […]


A Buckhead jewelry designer opens her home based studio to customers looking for something special.

Do you have Whitney’s number?” That question often turns people who admire jewelry artist Whitney Rooker’s work into loyal customers. The answer is a requirement for anyone who wants to purchase a necklace, pair of earrings or set of stackable wrist cuffs encrusted with diamonds from the Buckhead-based designer.

Unlike typical jewelry artisans, […]


Taking chances inspires fine art photographer Parish Kohanim

Peachtree Hills resident Parish Kohanim never shied away from the road less taken. He started his life’s adventure at 17 when he left Persia (now Iran) and moved to the U.S. with $300 in his pocket and no knowledge of the English language. “When you’re young, you’re fearless,” he says. “And even now, in my career, I take chances. […]


SCAD grads beautify The Shops Buckhead Atlanta with original artworks

One trait of a creative mind is the ability to think outside the box. In the case of artists, creativity often involves thinking beyond the canvas and finding ways to share their work with a broad audience. When the audience is made up of the elite shoppers who frequent The Shops Buckhead Atlanta, it’s an added bonus […]


Steve Steinman’s work permeates our public spaces and a new show

Next time you find yourself rushing to the Buckhead MARTA station only to find you’ve just missed your train, instead of pacing the platform in frustration, let your gaze wander across the rails and take in the colored panels lining the outer walls. Inhale deeply and thank Steve Steinman for providing a moment of artistic calm.


Marketing pro turned gallery owner puts a spotlight on contemporary art

It’s been a little more than a year since Laura Hathaway traded in the world of pharmaceutical and real estate sales and marketing to take the plunge into the city’s art scene as a gallery owner. For the Buckhead resident, not enough places existed for contemporary artists to share their visions and show their works.


This summer, unleash your kids’ creativity with artistic opportunities

Educators bemoan the summer break for the hold it often puts on kids’ learning. But just because school is out doesn’t mean curiosity and creativity have to take a vacation, too. In fact, summer is an ideal time to let the kiddos use their imaginations in ways they might not be able to during the typical school day.

One […]


Brookhaven’s Renée Bouchon tosses in the corporate towel and picks up a paintbrush

Growing up in New Orleans, Renée Bouchon always had a crayon or pencil in her hand. An early fascination with drawing led her to kids’ classes at Tulane and Loyola that fueled a life-long compulsion to paint. But getting to explore that artistic side took a bit of a detour down a more practical […]


Local group gathers to learn inside info on art and collecting…

For years, programs have existed to demystify the art of wine tasting, pairing and buying and to make it more approachable, particularly for those new to the world of vintages. Mary Stanley, a veteran artists’ representative who lives in Ansley Park, realized that what worked for wine can also apply to art.

In 2006, Stanley launched the […]


Buckhead painter engages kids in her craft.

For years, Nancy B. Westfall’s career as a metal artist was fueled by practicality and kids. That explains why it’s taken a while for her to engage her real passion: painting.

“I have always painted and drawn,” admits the North Carolina native who now lives on Buckhead’s west side. “But unless you go to an art high school, most kids don’t […]