Franchise favorite Flying Biscuit Café feels like one-of-a-kind

Come and get it, y’all! The Flying Biscuit serves a Southern breakfast in all its glory.

STORY: Rebecca Cha
PHOTOS: Sara Hanna

I like the Flying Biscuit Café. A lot. Sure, it’s a chain—franchised, actually (at last count, there were 16 in the Southeast). What unites them is a commitment to a square meal, fairly priced, with all the […]


The Brookhaven eatery is an oasis of good taste and casual elegance

Masterful food and wine pairing is one of Haven’s many charms.

Masterful food and wine pairing is one of Haven’s many charms.

STORY: Rebecca Cha
PHOTOS: Sara Hanna

Haven’s succulent, seared Georges Bank scallops are served on a bed of sweet creamed corn. Mouth watering yet? […]


True Food Kitchen is the real deal —not to mention really delicious

STORY: Rebecca Cha
PHOTOS: Sara Hanna

Since this is your first time, let me tell you, we’re based on an anti-inflammatory diet,” announces the server at True Food Kitchen. Ah, so that explains why the menu reads like the Rosetta Stone of health food. Thankfully, the food itself is user friendly, delicious and affordable, evidenced by the […]


Katana Teppanyaki & Sushi surprises with its diverse bites and knife-wielding chefs

STORY: Rebecca Cha
PHOTOS: Sara Hanna

At first blush, so much of Katana Teppanyaki & Sushi emits a flashy Times Square vibe. With its primo real estate, valet-only parking, glitzy interiors and excessively friendly waiters, one can hardly expect much from the food. Right?

The teppanyaki New […]


Dining in or out, Storico Fresco delivers a taste of Italy

Storico Fresco’s tagliatelle alla Bolognese may be one of the finest Bolognese ragus this side of the Atlantic

There is much I want to say about Storico Fresco Alimentari. Like a secret admirer, I’ve been watching it from a distance since it arrived at the Buckhead Exchange in 2016, waiting to see how it […]


Bienvenido to Buckhead’s delish Latin newbie.

Bar none: The liveliest spot in town for a hangover-free margarita, Cabo Cantina stocks 35 different pure-agave tequilas

Bar none: The liveliest spot in town for a hangover-free margarita, Cabo Cantina stocks 35 different pure-agave tequilas

For a non-sports enthusiast, you’d think I’d be irked by the number of blaring TVs at Cabo Cantina. I’m not in the least. That’s […]


Savoring small plates and big flavors at Eclipse di Luna

Eclipse di Luna’s paella del día is brimming with shrimp, chicken, chorizo and authentic Calasparra rice.

It’s been several years since I’ve reflected on the days I worked the line in a restaurant, but it came to mind the other night while eating at Eclipse di Luna. The trigger was the bits of mise en […]


Bask in the Asian spices and flavors at Bangkok Station.

Peek gai tod—Thai-style chicken—and the bonus accompaniments are a must try at Bangkok Station.

Few cuisines are both as perplexing and awe-inspiring as that of Thailand. The core ingredients are so distinct and peculiar (think galangal, lemongrass, fish sauce, holy basil) that diners, especially in the West, must really pay attention to fully appreciate what […]


The Southern Gentleman delivers on gentility and gourmet eats

Springer Mountain fried chicken with dreamy classic sides is a handsdown winner.

Knowing that The Southern Gentleman (TSG) lives up to its name is about the greatest comfort one can hope for in these times of political divisiveness, doublespeak and distressing headlines. TSG is not fake news. It is the real deal, boasting terrific, fairly priced […]


Anis Café & Bistro’s French-inspired patio dining provides a Buckhead oasis

On a recent Friday at 3 p.m., I called Anis Café & Bistro and was surprised to procure a same-day 7 p.m. reservation. Despite the bottleneck at the door upon arrival, my companion and I received a gracious welcome and were escorted promptly to the cozy patio.