Originally designed to be a second bedroom, this space was opened up to create an open floor plan with a spacious dining area.
A New Frontier
Heirlooms such as the plates around the television were mixed in with Durham’s touches, which include a glass and acrylic coffee table, a custom carpet and pillows in the living room.
The living room’s 22- foot ceilings give this Buckhead bungalow a majestic feel.
The spacious main floor flows seamlessly to the outdoors through glass pocket doors.
Hitting the Mark
Elegant, but not too fussy, the Kolbers’ dining room sums up the feel of their Collier Hills abode.
Into the Hills
The living room, lit by an orb chandelier from Gabby, features a strategically placed console table behind the sofa to prevent the boys from flipping over the back of the furniture.
Balancing Act
The airy living room is decorated with refurbished family pieces and sleek new furnishings.
In place of a formal dining room, the Vaswanis have a smart lounge space ideal for happy hour or after-dinner drinks
The formal living room, once clad in gold moldings, features clean white walls and some sparkle.