A local mom’s first work is inspired by lessons for her own kids

Lissa Webber with her own puppy, Ladybug.

STORY: H.M. Cauley

Growing up in Buckhead, where she attended Morris Brandon Elementary and Sutton Middle School, Lissa Webber was enamored of writing. But after graduating from the University of North Carolina, her career path led her in an opposite direction. First were the years as […]



STORY: Art Jones
PHOTO: Sam Massell photo courtesy of Atlanta History Center

One of the most exciting sports events to ever take place in Atlanta occurred on Oct. 26, 1970, when a highly anticipated boxing title bout was waged between Muhammad Ali and Jerry Quarry. It had been more than three years since Ali was stripped of his heavyweight title. Convicted of draft evasion, […]


Brookhaven’s Jonathan Katz creates TV the way it used to be

Atlanta, GA. August 3, 2014. Jonathan Katz, Katz Broadcasting. Photo by Michael A. Schwarz

STORY: H.M. Cauley

If Jonathan Katz’s early years in Tuscaloosa were a sitcom, they’d be dubbed Jerry Seinfeld in Alabama. “My mom is from Chicago, my dad is from Boston and both were professors at the University of Alabama,” says the […]


Experts at the Atlanta History Center painstakingly restore a national treasure

Experts tackle the painstaking work of restoring the 132-year-old cyclorama.

STORY: H.M. Cauley
Photos courtesy Jason Hales/Atlanta History Center

Sandy Springs resident Gordon Jones has been the military curator at the Atlanta History Center since 1991, a background that prepared him well to tackle his most challenging assignment: restoring a work of art so big it […]


Theater pro Shuler Hensley helps launch new Sandy Springs playhouse

STORY: Jim Farmer
PHOTO: Sara Hanna

When he moved back to the Atlanta area in 2012, Shuler Hensley’s goal was to be with his family but continue a career in entertainment that has taken him around the world and brought him plenty of acclaim. And he’s managed to achieve that goal.

A Broadway veteran who won a Tony Award for […]


Cookie and coffee king Michael Coles shares the secrets to his achievements in his first book

STORY: H.M. Cauley
PHOTO: David Caselli

Entrepreneur Michael Coles admits he’s a compulsive note-taker. For 25 years, the Brookhaven resident scribbled ideas on napkins, hotel stationery and random pieces of paper—enough to fill a 4-inch file—before he began recording them on his phone. The entire time, Coles, 74, imagined compiling his snippets into […]


Play Talent agency founder Trina Allen-Abt has a knack for finding the right actors for the right roles

Trina Allen-Abt (right), along with partners Lena Lees-Heidt (left) and Vickie Petronio-King, has placed actors in everything from the Oscar-nominated movie Room to the Emmy-winning series Silicon Valley.

STORY: Mark Woolsey

It’s a long way from a small-town Canadian childhood to the booming Georgia film and TV industry, […]


At Buckhead’s Mandarin Oriental hotel, creative artworks check in for a stay

Artist Claire Chambless’ 3-D works pop off the walls of the Mandarin Oriental, Atlanta.

STORY: H.M. Cauley

Whether spending a day at the spa or settling in for a week’s visit, visitors to the Mandarin Oriental, Atlanta hotel in Buckhead will find themselves surrounded by art. But come back in a few weeks, and […]


Buckhead publisher turns writers’ dreams into reality

The author of How I Did It and several other self-published books, Vikki Jones now shares her publishing expertise with others.

STORY: H.M. Cauley

As is the case with so many industries, the world of publishing has evolved under the influence of new technologies. Now, manuscripts that might have grown dusty from the neglect of agents and traditional publishers […]


Third Thursday series at Buckhead gallery combines visual arts with the spoken word

Corporate leadership advisor Amy Balog speaks at a recent gathering of art and spoken word enthusiasts at the Anne O Art gallery.

Corporate leadership advisor Amy Balog speaks at a recent gathering of art and spoken word enthusiasts at the Anne O Art gallery.

STORY: H.M. Cauley
PHOTO: CR Kirkland Photography

A client with an […]