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Buckhead Reality TV

Buckhead Reality TV

Buckhead Shore - The Season 1 cast of "Buckhead Shore," which premiered on June 23.

MTV spotlights local 20-somethings in new show.

Buckhead Shore - The Season 1 cast of "Buckhead Shore," which premiered on June 23.
The Season 1 cast of “Buckhead Shore,” which premiered on June 23.

The creator of “Jersey Shore,” SallyAnn Salsano, debuted a new reality show last month that was filmed right in our backyard. “Buckhead Shore,” which will air on MTV, revolves around nine 20-something friends from Buckhead: Katie Canham, Bethania Locke, Chelsea Prescott, Savannah Gabriel, Parker Lipman, DJ Simmons, Juju Barney and Adamo Giraldo. Viewers will watch their journeys over a “life-changing” Season 1.

Buckhead Shore -DJ Simmons, Katie Canham and Bethania Locke at Parker Lipman's family house on Lake Burton.
DJ Simmons, Katie Canham and Bethania Locke at Parker Lipman’s family house on Lake Burton.

“We all live pretty lavish lifestyles, and we show that on the show,” says Locke, a first grade after-school teacher with a program that focuses on the social and emotional development of children. “They show us shopping, partying and going out. You also see our history, background and our cultures. You get to see a bunch of different people from different walks of life coming together and somehow having a tight-knit friend group.”

“Buckhead Shore” filmed at the cast’s apartments and family homes, favorite hangouts such as Big Sky and Tongue & Groove, and Lipman’s family farm and house on Lake Burton where the group parties every summer. Though Buckhead obviously doesn’t have a shore, the show title speaks to their significant time at the lake.

Many of their luxe perks were furnished by Lipman’s father, Zach McLeroy, founder of fast-food chain Zaxby’s. “That was a huge blessing; it kind of gives some spice to the show,” says Lipman, who works for the family business helping expand it into new markets and proudly sports a necklace with the family crest (a chicken).

Buckhead Shore - Buckhead resident Parker Lipman.
Buckhead resident Parker Lipman.

Lipman isn’t the only one who comes from a family of privilege. Barney’s father owns iconic gentlemen’s club Magic City, Simmons’ father is in the music industry and has a few Grammys and Locke’s father is a successful businessman. A few of the others haven’t had such an advantaged upbringing, and the episodes reveal them trying to find their footing within the group.

“Buckhead is the new LA. Everyone is trying to come here,” says Lipman.

“We’re getting a Nobu soon!” says Locke, who is excited to show off her hometown to the world.

In true reality TV style, each cast member has their own storyline. Lipman, “the ladies’ man,” is navigating a love triangle, while Locke ends up as the therapist of this group and is also trying to figure out her purpose. “I carry the weight of a lot of the drama. It’s definitely entertaining,” says Lipman, who isn’t new to the screen. He was a recurring guest as Chase Chrisley’s friend on “Chrisley Knows Best.”

When the cast’s personal lives become public this summer, Lipman says, “I’m sure friendships are going to be ripped apart after this because everyone talks about everybody.” Let the drama commence.

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