In a season full of rich drinks like eggnog, cocoa and hot buttered rum, it can be nice to sip and save a few calories. You don’t even have to forgo the holiday spirit. Instead, spread cheer with these festive seasonal teas that are low in calories and added sugar.

1. Spiced Apple Cider (2 oz., $10)

Spice up your holidays with this calorie-free take on a traditional […]


Dogs are like family, and we all want what’s best for them, but choosing a dog food in today’s extensive pet food marketplace can prove challenging. Consider your pet’s age, health, activity level and your budget when looking for one that works. Keep in mind that no one food is best for every dog. Fortunately, many well-rounded brands offer a choice these days, and a little […]


Float the remaining days of summer away on one of the season’s hottest trends: luxury inflatable rafts, which prove as practical as they are stylish and are continually endorsed by celebs on social media.


These picture-perfect adult floats will have you ready for end-of-summer BBQs, beach outings and pool parties. Ride-on, lie-on, float or play, having fun in the sun has never looked better.

1. […]


Barbecue is a summer tradition in the South. Whether it’s served between a bun, off the bone or low and slow, it all comes down to choosing the right sauce to create that perfect flavor.

With so many saucy options available, knowing the basics about flavors and products is the first step toward perfecting this savory Southern staple.

1. Mrs. Griffin’s Original Barbecue Sauce ($4.25)

The history of Mrs. […]


Meal delivery services are reinventing the way we think about meal planning.

Now it’s easier than ever to stick to dietary restrictions or whip up a gourmet, chef-inspired meal in record time. Creative, prepared and pre-prepped meals are a smart choice for working couples, singles and busy families who crave variety but don’t have the time or energy to invest in finding recipes and cooking every day. […]


Step aside, trendy coffee drinks: The bubble tea craze is here to stay.

Hugely popular and originally from Asia, bubble tea is a black-or green tea-based drink with milk served hot or cold in a variety of flavors. The most notable ingredient is the marble-sized tapioca balls called “boba” that sink to the bottom of the glass and must be sucked through an oversized straw. With careful […]


Once recognized as an “immortal health elixir” by ancient Chinese culture, kombucha (pronounced come-boo-cha) today is known for its abundant antioxidants and active probiotics.

This fermented black or green tea with a peculiar name and taste has a slightly tangy flavor that varies by brand and blend. Find a flavor that appeals to you and start to experience health benefits, such as improved digestion, weight loss, increased […]


Warm up winter with a steamy bowl of soup at any of these popular Buckhead eateries. From universal classics to unfamiliar combinations, discover a few reasons to revisit the comforting essence of soup.

1. Watershed: Potlikker Soup with Cornmeal Dumplings ($8)

A pioneer in the farm to table movement, Watershed serves soulful dishes with locally sourced ingredients. Do not miss the opportunity to try the seasonal Potlikker soup […]



If you have a passion for chocolate, indulge your sweet tooth with confections from some of Buckhead’s leading chocolatiers. Discover everything from bark to balls with this innovative mix of melty delights.

1. DiAmano Chocolate: Almond, Orange Peel, Sea Salt Bark ($14 for 6 pieces)

This small, family-owned gourmet confectioner is known for a variety of mouth-watering chocolates, including truffles and swanky bark, all made in-house. The […]



Get your hands on some of the freshest baked bread in town right here in Buckhead.
The following bakeries and restaurants are serving up delicious loaves near you.

1. Buckhead Bread Company: Walnut Raisin Loaf ($6.15)

Head baker Cristobal Miranda leads a team of 10 bakers at the Buckhead Bread Company who work in shifts around the clock. This European-style bakery, located next to Corner Café, not […]