The Summer Pact

Like cocktails on a patio or hot dogs at an Atlanta Braves game, modern romance novels are just better at the beach.

The Summer Pact

Consider this your short list of new books to pack in your beach bag this summer.

One Last SummerOne Last Summer ($29)

Available at Barnes & Noble and on Kindle as of June, One Last Summer is the latest release from Forever35 podcast host and author Kate Spencer. The story follows Clara Millen, whose chaotic career spiral and single status have her in dire need of a weekend with her closest friends. But what was meant to be a getaway with the girls turns into a mission to save their childhood camp from closure—and a chance to kindle a campfire flame with her old rival, Mack.

Summer Romance ($19)

A lesson in “when life gives you lemons,” this tried-and-true beach read from Annabel Monaghan dropped in June. The heartfelt storyline follows the life of a divorcée/single mom/ full-time professional organizer, Ali. While walking her dog one day, she finds herself apologizing profusely to the man her dog decided to pee on (you read that right). And so enters Ethan, who is, of course, the soon-to-be subject of her new summer romance.

The Summer PactThe Summer Pact ($30)

The newest tome from Atlanta’s own No. 1 New York Times bestselling author Emily Giffin, The Summer Pact hits shelves July 9. It explores a decades-spanning friendship among four young women who meet during their freshman year of college. Whether you’re sitting poolside or seaside, Giffin’s page-turning prose promises— as usual—to leave you shedding happy tears.

The Paradise ProblemThe Paradise Problem ($28.99)

Released in May just in time to pack in our suitcase, The Paradise Problem by New York Times bestselling author Christina Lauren recounts the faux love affair between Anna Green and Liam Weston, who reconnect post-divorce and fake their marriage to claim a massive $100 million inheritance from Weston’s family.

Funny Story ($29)

Named a “Most Anticipated Book of 2024” by TIME, The New York Times and Goodreads, among many other notable outlets, Emily Henry’s latest chart-topper made its debut in late April. Not your typical love-triangle tome, Funny Story is an account of the messy meet-cute between Daphne, recently separated from her fiancé since he fell in love with her best friend, Petra, and Petra’s ex-beau, Miles. After all, summer is the perfect time to fall in love with your ex-fiancé’s new fiancée’s ex. With this spicy storyline, we assure you won’t be able to put it down until all 400 pages are turned.

This Summer Will Be Different ($19)

This Summer Will Be Different was released in May and marks the newest novel from Carley Fortune, author of the 2022 New York Times bestseller Every Summer After. Set on Canada’s Prince Edward Island, Fortune’s captivating story leads vacationing tourist Lucy to meet a local, Felix, with whom she has undeniable chemistry. The downside? He’s her best friend’s younger brother (oops!). As Lucy returns to the island with her aforementioned bestie, Bridget, every year, she’s challenged to decide between following her heart or her head.

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