This Sandy Springs resident is heard by millions daily

In her line of work, Susan Bennett is used to being somewhat invisible. That’s the reality of most voice actors, who bring all sorts of characters to life without achieving much public adulation. Bennett is anything but obscure these days, though. She is the original—and recognizable—English voice of Siri, Apple’s automated personal assistant.

It never dawned on Bennett that […]


A new gallery showcases art done off the clock

So many creative folks tell the same tale: They spend all day plying their trades, and by the time evening rolls around, they have no energy left for personal artistic pursuits. But ask about the work that gets them excited, and it’s often what they do off the clock that they find the most invigorating and rewarding.

Too often, […]


Local writer’s second career is turning a fine phrase

Kathleen Brewin Lewis banishes any stereotype of the starving poet. Although the Sandy Springs mom, wife and former fundraiser admits she’s not getting rich writing poetry, her ability to create colorful, evocative images in a few short lines has led to a rather thick portfolio of published work.

After a career freelancing for nonprofits, Lewis decided her youngest child’s […]


A Buckhead jewelry designer opens her home based studio to customers looking for something special.

Do you have Whitney’s number?” That question often turns people who admire jewelry artist Whitney Rooker’s work into loyal customers. The answer is a requirement for anyone who wants to purchase a necklace, pair of earrings or set of stackable wrist cuffs encrusted with diamonds from the Buckhead-based designer.

Unlike typical jewelry artisans, […]


Greg Picciano turned a radio career into a stint behind the turntables.

There was no midcareer epiphany, no sudden realization that he was in the wrong profession, for Greg Picciano. For as long as he’s known, he’s always been interested in the music industry and has spent the past 40-plus years in the field, including a steady gig at Buckhead’s popular Johnny’s Hideaway nightclub.

Growing up in Cincinnati, […]


Lessons learned at home inspire a local lawyer’s first novel.

Growing up with a single mom who was a busy criminal defense attorney didn’t endear Sandy Springs’ Jason Sheffield to the law. “For instance, as an 8-year-old, I was taught to answer the phone, ‘Sheffield residence. This is Jason speaking. How can I help you?’” he recalls. “I knew her clients were calling from federal prison in […]


Buckhead’s Kenny Blank heads up the world’s largest Jewish film festival

Kenny Blank was always interested in entertainment, even staging puppet shows for his family as a child. These days, he has a job that puts him squarely in that arena—serving as the executive director of the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, the city’s most-attended film festival and the world’s largest Jewish film festival.

Born in Queens, New York, […]


A new author’s book for kids explores metaphysical concepts

Take one cool character named Katherine, send her out on adventures into other dimensions, and you’ve got part entertainment, part life lesson, part Dr. Who for young readers. That’s the concept behind Cosmic Kitty: A Mindful, Metaphysical Journey, the first book by Sandy Springs author Shan Gill.

Though the public is just getting to know Katherine and her alter […]


Taking chances inspires fine art photographer Parish Kohanim

Peachtree Hills resident Parish Kohanim never shied away from the road less taken. He started his life’s adventure at 17 when he left Persia (now Iran) and moved to the U.S. with $300 in his pocket and no knowledge of the English language. “When you’re young, you’re fearless,” he says. “And even now, in my career, I take chances. […]


Cancer and an economic downturn refocus a Buckhead writer’s story

Of all the factors that led to Travis Neighbor Ward publishing her latest novel, having been a magazine editor in New York and living in Italy for five years took a back seat to having breast cancer at the start of the Great Recession in 2007.

“Cancer changed me in many ways,” says the Buckhead resident and former […]