IMG_1918_pp-1When I think about the amount of trash that gets picked up from my home on a monthly basis and multiply that by all the households in Atlanta, I cringe.

Despite my recycling and water conservation efforts, I know there is so much more I could be doing to decrease my environmental footprint. But when I look into it, it all seems a little overwhelming, […]


IMG_1918_pp-1You can look at someone’s resume and assume he or she has a lot going for them, but until you meet in person, it’s hard to know the measure of his or her character. When I walked into this issue’s cover shoot and met the individuals being featured in our Rising Stars story, it wasn’t their Ivy League educations, million-dollar salaries or entrepreneurial ambitions […]


IMG_1918_pp-1My expat dad always says, “Planes leave every day.”

In other words, you can always make your dream of visiting a foreign land a reality. And before I became a mom, I truly lived to travel. Now that I have a mini-me to bring along, my luggage is a little more cumbersome, and a night on the town ends much earlier, but the thrill of […]


IMG_1918_pp-1By the time I was 13 years old, I’d lived in three countries, attended seven schools and resided at nine different addresses.

When I tell people the exotic locales I’ve called home—Brazil, Chile, Australia, to name a few— they respond with awe. Moving around made for an incredibly educational childhood, but I do feel a slight pang of jealousy when I hear someone tell me […]


IMG_1918_pp-1I often dream of going back to a time when smartphones weren’t an extra appendage or when accidentally leaving my mobile device at home didn’t mean my day fell into shambles.

Technology can sometimes muck up communication channels (I mean, does anyone pick up the phone anymore?), but I admit that if it weren’t for some of my favorite apps, I would get lost every […]


IMG_1918_pp-1Money is one subject I really don’t like to talk about.

I love to spend it, but saving it, making it and managing it are not areas in which I excel. Don’t get me wrong: I’m careful with money, but the ins and outs of planning my financial future is a language I don’t speak. If it weren’t for my business-savvy husband (the son of […]


IMG_1918_pp-1I’ve never been a big drinker— a glass of red wine is my go to at the end of a long week.

But when I sip a well concocted cocktail at a chic bar, nothing makes me feel more carefree (or fancy). Especially in Buckhead, we have our pick of some of the best alcohol-serving establishments, from luxe hotel bars and secret speakeasies to watering […]


IMG_1918_pp-1Spending time in nature is one of the best therapies.

Looking up at an unending canopy of trees, listening to the rushing river water and sweating it out on a dirt trail to take in a gorgeous view just seems to melt away the stress of life. Luckily, these are all activities that can be enjoyed in our own community. Need a dose of nature […]

Editor’s Corner – September 2015

IMG_1918_pp-1I’d like to say I’d step up to the plate in a heroic way if the moment presented itself, but the truth is I’ve never really been put to the test.

Yes, I’ve assisted an elderly person with groceries and pulled over to rescue a lost dog, but a matter of life or death hasn’t crossed my path … yet.

Many of the individuals we profile […]

Editor’s Corner – July 2015

What makes someone a rising star?

IMG_1918_pp-1To me, it’s a person with undeniable talent and perseverance who is finally being recognized. A person who’s finally seeing a return on hard work and calculated risk. Someone who, when you’re around them, gives off an energy that makes you want to chance it all for a dream. These attributes belong to all the determined faces that grace […]