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Editor’s Corner – September 2015

Editor’s Corner – September 2015

IMG_1918_pp-1I’d like to say I’d step up to the plate in a heroic way if the moment presented itself, but the truth is I’ve never really been put to the test.

Yes, I’ve assisted an elderly person with groceries and pulled over to rescue a lost dog, but a matter of life or death hasn’t crossed my path … yet.

Many of the individuals we profile in our cover feature, however, have faced this decisive moment and they all let their superhero colors shine through. For some, it’s their everyday calling to help others. Lieutenant Kevin Moburg and the crew of Buckhead’s Fire Station 21 used their lifesaving training and level heads to successfully rescue two girls trapped in an overturned vehicle. Detective Drew Bahry helped track down an elusive cat burglar suspected of stealing sterling silver pieces from Buckhead families. While serving as Clinical Nurse Specialist in Emory University Hospital’s Serious Communicable Disease (SCD) Unit, Buckhead resident Sharon Vanairsdale put herself in harm’s way to care for Ebola patients.

For those not in public service or health care, the call to courage is inspired by hardship— their own and that of others. Two-time breast cancer survivor Lisa George launched jewelry line L George Designs after her first bout with the disease. Today she creates custom jewelry pieces for celebrities and designed a bracelet specially commissioned by the American Heart Association to aid in its fundraising efforts. Sally Larsen was inspired to create her line of organic and nontoxic body products after overcoming bone cancer and dealing with its side effects. And heroes Michelle Grech, Sara Allegra and Travis Ellis all answered the call resounding from the needs of others.

There is much to admire about these everyday people doing extraordinary things to assist the world around them. When the day comes to use my “super powers” to help others, I’ll dig deep and remember the stories of these local heroes. I hope you do too.

Giannina Smith Bedford

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