16 Jul, 2017

7 Retirement Shirts I Won’t Be Wearing

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7 Retirement Shirts I Won’t Be Wearing

When it comes to retirement, many people talk about how much of a lump sum they will need to make work optional. They discuss their future plans full of travel, golf, grandchildren, and giving back to charity. We often hear of the dreams of starting the business they always wanted to run and starting the volunteer work […]

9 Jul, 2017

Five Jobs You Can Outsource Today

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Five Jobs You Can Outsource Today

Growing up in a small town, we used to handle all our own chores.  There were no cleaning services that came to the house, no extra special coaches for lessons (the high school coach did it all), and nobody brought groceries to the house.  People banter about the impact of technology and how that has affected our society, but […]

1 Jul, 2017

Big Financial Pitfalls If You Plan On Working Longer

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Big Financial Pitfalls If You Plan On Working Longer

There are more people I meet every day who tell me that they aren’t planning to retire early, but instead enjoy life a little bit more and succumb to the fact that they are going to have to work later into their lives.  While on the surface this all seems fine and dandy, the harsh reality […]

29 Jun, 2017


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Wardrobe: Shirt, pants (Ted Baker), shoes (Diesel) and watch (Michael Kors), Bloomingdale’s

Brookhaven’s Aaron Polk is used to people doing a double take when he tells them he runs his own moving business, Atlanta Furniture Taxi. “I am the only quadriplegic in the world who owns a moving company,” claims Polk. “People are always surprised to find I have my own […]

29 Jun, 2017


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Buckhead’s Cara Kneer is a morning television fixture

Growing up in the small town of Covington, Indiana, Cara Kneer longed to be a Broadway performer one day. Her parents were supportive of her dreams but did rein her in a bit and eventually steered her to a more realistic job—in journalism.

These days, she’s an experienced, versatile broadcast journalist who can be seen weekday mornings as a host […]

29 Jun, 2017


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Looking for something smooth to sip on this summer?

Try the Peach State’s own Richland Rum, available at many of your favorite Buckhead bars and restaurants, including Canoe, Holeman and Finch and the InterContinental Buckhead Atlanta. A recent partnership with Fifth Group Restaurants will add even more locations. Not only is this top-notch “sipping rum” created in Georgia, it’s America’s only single-estate rum distillery. Single-estate means they’re […]

29 Jun, 2017


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Wardrobe: Dress, Hottie+Lord; jewelry, Bloomingdale’s; shoes, her own

“I’m kind of stubborn,” admits fashion designer Adetutu “Tutu” Longe from her perch on a delicate gilded pink sofa in her new Buckhead flagship boutique. “When anyone tells me I can’t do something, it lights a fire in my belly.”

The 38-year-old Nigerian-American is the driving force behind Hottie+Lord, an up-and-coming fashion brand that counts Heidi […]

29 Jun, 2017


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Barbecue is a summer tradition in the South. Whether it’s served between a bun, off the bone or low and slow, it all comes down to choosing the right sauce to create that perfect flavor.

With so many saucy options available, knowing the basics about flavors and products is the first step toward perfecting this savory Southern staple.

1. Mrs. Griffin’s Original Barbecue Sauce ($4.25)

The history of Mrs. […]

29 Jun, 2017


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Beth Finnerty stresses the value of maintaining your mental health

Read any health magazine or website, and you’ll find plenty of ways to improve your physical well-being, from probiotics to Pilates. But while we hear all the time about how healthy eating and exercise are crucial to our overall health, an important part of our bodies is often left out of the conversation: our minds. And they […]

29 Jun, 2017


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Takeo Spikes, who was an all-star linebacker in the NFL for 15 years, recently celebrated a major off-thefield victory: the publication of his first book, Behind the Mask.

More than 150 friends and acquaintances joined the two-time Pro Bowl player at The Estate in Buckhead to commemorate the new book, which features interviews with some of the game’s greatest linebackers, including Hall-of-Famers Mike Singletary and the late […]