Steve Steinman’s work permeates our public spaces and a new show

Next time you find yourself rushing to the Buckhead MARTA station only to find you’ve just missed your train, instead of pacing the platform in frustration, let your gaze wander across the rails and take in the colored panels lining the outer walls. Inhale deeply and thank Steve Steinman for providing a moment of artistic calm.


Buckhead’s Cara Kneer is a morning television fixture

Growing up in the small town of Covington, Indiana, Cara Kneer longed to be a Broadway performer one day. Her parents were supportive of her dreams but did rein her in a bit and eventually steered her to a more realistic job—in journalism.

These days, she’s an experienced, versatile broadcast journalist who can be seen weekday mornings as a host […]


Marketing pro turned gallery owner puts a spotlight on contemporary art

It’s been a little more than a year since Laura Hathaway traded in the world of pharmaceutical and real estate sales and marketing to take the plunge into the city’s art scene as a gallery owner. For the Buckhead resident, not enough places existed for contemporary artists to share their visions and show their works.


Second-career author’s debut novel features exotic locales, gems and murder

Writers get their inspirations from all sorts of peculiar places. For Sandy Springs resident Anne Lovett, the idea for her latest novel, Rubies from Burma, sprang from a casual party conversation about a woman’s earrings.

Lovett was chatting with a friend of her father’s who was regaling her with tales of serving in the military during World War […]


At 76, Sandy Springs scribe Ken Brownlee keeps on writing

Ken Brownlee first realized he wanted to be a journalist when he was 7. “Even then, I was writing stuff,” recalls the 76-year-old Sandy Springs resident.

Through stints on his high school paper and journalism courses in college at Case Western Reserve in Ohio, Brownlee stayed focused on a writing career. Even when he was drafted into the […]


This summer, unleash your kids’ creativity with artistic opportunities

Educators bemoan the summer break for the hold it often puts on kids’ learning. But just because school is out doesn’t mean curiosity and creativity have to take a vacation, too. In fact, summer is an ideal time to let the kiddos use their imaginations in ways they might not be able to during the typical school day.

One […]


After an accident, a Buckhead teen jump starts her recording career

It was like any other basketball game she had played in since she was 7 years old. Yet when Ella Collier took an unexpected spill on the court and lost consciousness for several minutes, the then 14-year-old flirted with death. Collier is fine now, but the incident has prompted her to maximize every moment and aggressively […]


Brookhaven author’s latest book shows off Atlanta

Heeding that old adage “Write what you know” made writing her third novel a bit easier for Brookhaven’s Kimberly Belle. She set The Marriage Lie in Atlanta largely because she needed a setting with a major airport. What could be better than her adopted hometown?

“I usually come up with the plot first,” she says. “My first book needed to be […]


Brookhaven’s Renée Bouchon tosses in the corporate towel and picks up a paintbrush

Growing up in New Orleans, Renée Bouchon always had a crayon or pencil in her hand. An early fascination with drawing led her to kids’ classes at Tulane and Loyola that fueled a life-long compulsion to paint. But getting to explore that artistic side took a bit of a detour down a more practical […]


Area establishments offer hard to find listening experiences

The musicians of Joe Gransden’s band stir up the night at Cafe 290

Atlanta’s reputation as a music capital is well earned, but for all the sounds that spring from the city, live jazz is not easy to find—in Buckhead or its surroundings. Events such as the Atlanta Jazz Festival (May 26-28) provide a weekend of distinguished […]