After an accident, a Buckhead teen jump starts her recording career

It was like any other basketball game she had played in since she was 7 years old. Yet when Ella Collier took an unexpected spill on the court and lost consciousness for several minutes, the then 14-year-old flirted with death. Collier is fine now, but the incident has prompted her to maximize every moment and aggressively […]


Brookhaven author’s latest book shows off Atlanta

Heeding that old adage “Write what you know” made writing her third novel a bit easier for Brookhaven’s Kimberly Belle. She set The Marriage Lie in Atlanta largely because she needed a setting with a major airport. What could be better than her adopted hometown?

“I usually come up with the plot first,” she says. “My first book needed to be […]


Brookhaven’s Renée Bouchon tosses in the corporate towel and picks up a paintbrush

Growing up in New Orleans, Renée Bouchon always had a crayon or pencil in her hand. An early fascination with drawing led her to kids’ classes at Tulane and Loyola that fueled a life-long compulsion to paint. But getting to explore that artistic side took a bit of a detour down a more practical […]


Area establishments offer hard to find listening experiences

The musicians of Joe Gransden’s band stir up the night at Cafe 290

Atlanta’s reputation as a music capital is well earned, but for all the sounds that spring from the city, live jazz is not easy to find—in Buckhead or its surroundings. Events such as the Atlanta Jazz Festival (May 26-28) provide a weekend of distinguished […]


Elicia Monroe moonlights as an electronic dance music artist…

Elicia Monroe has never been tied to any kind of label or definition. Reinventing herself is something she has done constantly since her days managing local musicians in New Orleans to working in banking to playing on a professional women’s football team. Her latest endeavor is making a name for herself as a music artist under the persona […]


Local group gathers to learn inside info on art and collecting…

For years, programs have existed to demystify the art of wine tasting, pairing and buying and to make it more approachable, particularly for those new to the world of vintages. Mary Stanley, a veteran artists’ representative who lives in Ansley Park, realized that what worked for wine can also apply to art.

In 2006, Stanley launched the […]


Book lovers find author talks add more to the story…

Authors Sam Hayes and Allen Goodwin with Winecoff Hotel Historian Chet Wallace spoke about about the Winecoff Hotel Fire at a recent Titles@Twilight event.

The idea for Heritage Sandy Springs’ monthly author discussion series came from Milam Propst, with a little help from William Tecumseh Sherman.

That storied Civil War general, forever linked with the phrase […]


Buckhead’s Mark Callaway considers the Mountainfilm on Tour festival a passion project

Mark Callaway has never been a man lacking for hobbies. He’s always been that way, even as a kid.

The Dayton, Ohio, native, who moved with his family to the San Francisco Bay area when he was just 6 months old, was playing the drums in a band before high school. He also developed an early […]


Buckhead painter engages kids in her craft.

For years, Nancy B. Westfall’s career as a metal artist was fueled by practicality and kids. That explains why it’s taken a while for her to engage her real passion: painting.

“I have always painted and drawn,” admits the North Carolina native who now lives on Buckhead’s west side. “But unless you go to an art high school, most kids don’t […]


Buckhead parent writes the book on making divorce work.

For the last seven years, Sarah Armstrong has heard the same comment from people who know her story: “They tell me I had such a good divorce,” says the Brookwood Hills resident.

And they’re not being facetious or snarky. In fact, they’ve come to Armstrong looking for suggestions on how they can make the best of their own bad […]