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Feather Baby creator shares the story of her Buckhead’s baby clothes brand.

Sude Dellinger

If you can’t even start to wrap your brain around what moving from New York City to Lima, Peru, with 18-month-old triplets would be like, just ask Sude Dellinger Peta.

“Ten years ago, my husband, Joe Peta, and I started wholesaling our brand of baby clothes—Feather Baby—to boutiques. We were having such trouble keeping up with manufacturing that we knew we had to do something,” Dellinger Peta says. “So, we decided to pick up our babies and move to Lima where our clothing is manufactured.”

For two years, the couple made Peru their home, which was invaluable to making Feather Baby a success. They started the company after Dellinger Peta discovered her love for baby clothes shortly after having Sabine, Milly and Jack. When she first saw one of her daughters in a beautiful little dress, her heart melted.

“I’m the designer for Feather Baby, and every time I create new prints, I feel like I tap into that feeling,” says Dellinger Peta, who is currently working on a new toddler line that will be available spring 2016.

Now, Feather Baby is sold in more than 400 independent boutiques in the United States. In 2011, the Petas opened a Decatur store and recently brought a second location to Buckhead. Below, we share more about what makes Feather Baby—and Dellinger Peta—tick.

Where did the name “Feather Baby” come from?

I knew right from the beginning that softness was paramount for my collection of baby clothes. I wanted everything to be as soft as a feather.

Where do you get inspiration for your designs?

My designs often give a nod to the past— but I like to add a modern twist. For example, our boy’s shawl collar romper is a classic heirloom construction, but I wanted to see it done in something new like a hedgehog print.

What makes the clothing unique?

Everything is made out of Peruvian Pima cotton that is knit especially for us so that it’s incredibly soft. We also offer organic Pima cotton choices, and everything is made in small production. And our presentation is meant to be personal, too. For example, our gifts are wrapped and shipped for free. And we give you a card to write out a personal message.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I really love it when someone who has just found out that she’s pregnant comes in with her mother, and they start giggling with joy. That truly touches me. Also, Feather Baby donates money to local charities and preschools in the Decatur and Buckhead communities. Giving back always feels really good.

Tell us about some of your favorite Buckhead spots.

On the days I bring my kids to work, they’re rewarded with a visit to Georgetown Cupcakes. Needless to say, I don’t have to beg them to come with me! As for me, I love to eat at Souper or Juicy Jenny. You’ll find me there every day.

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Atlanta 30305

STORY: Amelia Pavlik

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