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More and more men are opting for plastic surgery

STORY: Jennifer Bradley Franklin

Women getting plastic surgery is fairly commonplace these days, but a man getting a procedure? Even in these enlightened times, it’s a bit of a taboo subject. That tide is changing, though, says Dr. ChiChi Berhane, the board-certified surgeon behind the Tailor Made Looks Institute of Plastic Surgery, which opened earlier this year in Buckhead. “The shift has been tremendous in the last couple of years,” he says. “Twenty-five to 30 percent of my patients are men now.”

No matter who you are, aesthetic intervention is about “making people look younger and refreshed,” says Berhane. While the reasons for getting assistance vary by patient, many men feel they need an extra boost that diet, exercise and good skincare are never going to fulfill. Here, Berhane offers insight into how men can get the aesthetic results they want.

The look of things.

Those angling for a spot in the boardroom will tell you that appearances do matter in some cases. “I’ve got a lot of male patients who are on TV because they have to be the face of the company,” says Berhane. “One patient told me, ‘A photographer could edit these wrinkles, but when I’m going to meetings with clients, that first impression makes a big difference.’”

Start small.

The idea of getting a surgical procedure may seem like too big a leap for some male patients, but the truth is that a less invasive treatment—such as Botox, laser treatments or fillers— can often yield significant results with little to no downtime. Bonus: These options often carry a much smaller price tag, so you won’t have to invest as much to get some benefit.


Beyond more well-known surgeries such as facelifts, rhinoplasty (nose job) and blepharoplasty (eye surgery or eye lift), there are procedures that you might not expect. For instance, body contouring uses liposuction to contour the midsection to give the illusion of six-pack abs. Such procedures can also be an option for patients who have experienced dramatic weight loss and have excess skin. Looking for even more dramatic results? Implants for biceps, triceps, calves and pectorals are growing in popularity.

One size doesn’t fit all.

A savvy aesthetics doctor employs both technique and artistry to achieve the desired result, and the approach for male and female clients will vary. For instance, men tend to have stronger musculature, so more Botox may be needed around the mouth. Similarly, where the injections are placed would be different. “Where a female might want more of an eyebrow arch, with a man, you don’t want to alter their eyebrow shape,” says Berhane. “It’s not just one size fits all.”

Healthy lifestyle first.

Though it’s his trade, Berhane is quick to point out that surgical intervention isn’t a cure-all and shouldn’t be viewed as a weight loss strategy. “This is a transformation, which means that you have to actually transform from the inside and outside,” says Berhane, adding that means practicing a healthy diet and exercise routine.

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