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Skylar Morgan Furniture

Skylar Morgan Furniture is defining American-made modern.

Skylar Morgan Furniture

Growing up in Montana, Skylar Morgan was inspired by nature and its organic warmth, and that can very much be seen translated into the furniture for his eponymous line, Skylar Morgan Furniture. Designed and crafted out of his studio on the Upper Westside, the avid outdoorsman and former millworker has carved out a niche as a master of warm, modern furnishings such as casework, cabinetry and furniture. He’s widely considered a pioneer of modern design in Atlanta.

The use of rare and exotic woods and exquisite craftsmanship make each of his pieces of heirloom quality, whether it be a felt and wood stool or a custom dining table. Elegant combinations such as walnut and black leather, washed ash and travertine, and rosewood and brushed brass command attention in transitional and modern rooms. The pieces are sculptural and functional, and are informed by midcentury design but updated for modern living, such as his iconic Hillock Console. Made from stylish halfmoon dowels and stone, it’s a perfect example of Morgan’s work: simplicity and sophistication.

“I take inspiration from the beauty of my medium and the small imperfections that exhibit a quality piece of handmade furniture,” he says. He regularly creates custom pieces for restaurants, retail, residences and offices, and you’ve seen his work at The Optimist, South City Kitchen Buckhead and Redbird, to name a few. While you have to make an appointment to see the pieces in person, it’s worth it to examine his artistry up close. Here, we caught up with the designer.

You’ve coined yourself “American-made modern.” What does that mean to you?

American design and manufacturing are very meaningful to me. Modern design is usually thought of as coming from European designers, but when I see extraordinary design produced in America, it makes me very proud. I’m proud to be a part of the conversation of American design today.

What inspires you?

I like to explore pieces that blur the lines between form and function. I take inspiration from the beauty of my medium and the small imperfections that exhibit a quality piece of handmade furniture. In an era of mass-produced furniture that lacks spirit and attention to detail, I try to find beautiful pieces of wood in raw form and bring them to life.

What excites you?

I am excited about unusual shapes and materials in furniture design and construction. I think along the lines of how to construct a piece of quality furniture using these new forms and materials.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love getting the opportunity to work with great designers and watching our furniture line pieces move through the shop in fabrication, finishing, upholstery, assembly and packaging.

How does your commercial work inform your residential work?

Both commercial and residential projects influence one another and help us grow as designers and fabricators. Whether it be materials, finishes, new production methods or even logistics, we learn and gain so much valuable knowledge with every project.

What’s next?

We’re launching a high-end cabinet division, and we’re exploring our vision for furniture-grade cabinetry, finishes and offerings.

STORY: Lauren Finney Harden

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