Clay Rolader’s family name is one of the most recognizable and historic in Buckhead, thanks to his ancestors whose entrepreneurial spirit gave birth to some of the town’s earliest businesses.

Karen and Clay Rolader (second and third from left) with some of the extended Rolader family including cousins Sally Rolader, Melanie Rolader Kleekamp and Don Rolader plus Clay's siblings Ric, Ellen and Bob. Karen […]


For artist Mark Boomershine and his family, the road to life in Buckhead began in the car business.

Calypso Belle, Cinda, Mark and Ryland Walter Boomershine.

Calypso Belle, Cinda, Mark and Ryland Walter Boomershine.

“My grandfather, Walter McKinley Boomershine Sr., who was an Ohio native, fought in France in World War I,” Mark says. “When he came back, he was sent to Atlanta by General […]


When Dudley Ottley was a young boy, he played with his older brother, John, every Sunday on Joyeuse, his grandfather’s country farm in Buckhead. Seventy-plus years later, there is no longer a blacksmith shop, champion bird dog, Tennessee Walking Horse or pig in sight: The former estate is right in the heart of Buckhead and home to Lenox Square. The railroad line that backs up to the property is the only thing that remains.

[caption […]


In Buckhead, successful family dynasties rule over the boardrooms of some of the most profitable private corporations in the Southeast. Their business acumen and creative talents are passed down through the genetic lottery. These cultured clans are making millions of dollars providing goods to those who want to splurge on life’s finer things— diamonds, destination dining, custom cars and forward fashions. Ninety percent of the nation’s business enterprises are family owned and operated, according […]


Photo: Courtesy of Buckhead Heritage

Photo: Courtesy of Buckhead Heritage

Even in the afterlife, long-time residents choose to remain in Buckhead. At historic Sardis Cemetery, where it’s estimated more than 750 people are buried, gravestones carry their names: Irby, Rolader (read about this family in our cover feature), Collier, Holcombe, Plaster, Mayson, Cheshire, Hicks, Cofield, Hildebrand and many more. These are families who contributed […]


Allen, Sherry, Russell, William and Natalie Bell.

Allen, Sherry, Russell, William and Natalie Bell.

Before migrating to Buckhead, in the early 1900s, the Bell family was spread across various Atlanta neighborhoods, including Inman Park, Decatur and Ansley Park. Marjorie Smith Bell was the first member of the family who moved to Buckhead in 1913 as a young girl and was one of the first […]