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Sirène Salon’s Dyana Nemantallah says bouncy layers and soft curtain bangs are a major style trend.


Sirène Salon’s Dyana Nemantallah says bouncy layers and soft curtain bangs are a major style trend.
Sirène Salon’s Dyana Nemantallah says bouncy layers and soft curtain bangs are a major style trend.

If you’ve been rocking the same hairdo for years, it might be time to shake things up. We tapped three area stylists for their take on the state of post-pandemic hair, what’s next and how to make the latest trends work for you.

Owner and Stylist, Sirène Salon

PANDEMIC IMPACT: Overall, my clients came back in with much longer yet healthier hair. With less use of heat, the integrity of the hair improved. We have been cutting off so much hair. Many women have decided to return to a more natural, sun-kissed look rather than a full head of foils [for highlights]. Some clients decided to take matters in their own hands and give themselves a cut. Unfortunately for some women, their at-home haircut was not very successful, and now we are working on growing it out.

GET TRENDY: Soft curtain bangs are the highlight of 2021. The ’90s are making a comeback, and bouncy soft layers are in as well. We’re going to see fewer beachy waves and more soft, bouncy waves. As far as trends go, roller sets are absolutely back! Our clients are wanting a beautiful, big, bouncy blowout to top off their fresh color or cut. We are thrilled to be opening our new blow-out and color bar in the fall where we can give our clients our famous “Sirène” blowout.

WORK IT: Reach out to your stylist, see if something is a good fit and make a plan. I spend at least the first five to 10 minutes of every appointment consulting with my client.

Sirène Salon
981 Joseph E. Lowery Blvd. N.W.
Atlanta 30318

Owner and Master Stylist/ Colorist, Cashmere Salon

PANDEMIC IMPACT: Last year was difficult for many aspects of daily life, and that includes our hair. Some of my clients let their color go, some colored their own (gasp!), and I definitely saw a lot of at-home haircuts. Most of the damage I’ve seen has been from hair ties. Be careful to not pull your hair back too tight or use old-school ties that rip hair. If your hair is long enough, braids are best to keep it out of your face.

GET TRENDY: The most common trend I’m seeing is the modern shag. Hair was feeling long and heavy, so the shag allows us to keep our length but gives us so much movement and fun. The shag also looks great styled straight, curly or swept up with cute fringe pieces falling around your face. My favorite color trend is the bright money piece in the front. It works for any hair color whether you are blonde, brunette or red. I love seeing the ’90s come back with a twist.

WORK IT: These trends are very versatile, especially the shag. You and your stylist can decide where the shortest piece of your haircut should start so it is flattering for your face shape. I suggest getting your hair cut every six to eight weeks to keep the shape looking current.

Cashmere Salon
Salon Lofts
5840 Roswell Road, Unit 17
Atlanta 30328

Owner and Master Cosmetologist, Salon V

PANDEMIC IMPACT: The pandemic definitely created more of a desperation factor in service demand. Many resorted to cutting or coloring their own hair, and most weren’t very satisfied with those results. Based on what I’ve seen, I think the pandemic created less healthy hair care due to lack of access to consultation, products, salon treatments and professional services.

GET TRENDY: A few cut and styling trends that have arisen are curtain bangs and the center part. These are more classical trends that are making a comeback. In areas of color, the subtle ombre is becoming a popular choice. In general, we are seeing lots of mid-length style requests.

WORK IT: Go for it. Given that these trends are retro, classic and subtle, many should find these styles workable and not too extreme.

Salon V
3060 Peachtree Road N.W., Suite R-60
Atlanta 30305

PHOTO: Joann Vitelli

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