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The Mohalskis more than cut the mustard when it comes to frozen custard

At Southern Custard, Heather and Matthew Mohalski dish out frozen custard in crispy waffle cones and alongside delicious Dutch poffertjes

BY: Lia Picard

In the thick of summer, it’s good to know where to cool off. You could jump in a pool or hide out in the movie theater, but our favorite way is to snack on something cool and refreshing, such as frozen custard. Southern Custard, the creation of husband and wife team Matthew and Heather Mohalski, has been delighting frozen custard fans since 2017.

For the uninitiated, frozen custard is denser and creamier than ice cream, thanks to its low air content and the inclusion of the egg yolk. Matthew is from Wisconsin, where they scoop it, as opposed to most other places where frozen custard comes from a soft serve machine. Disappointed in the lack of frozen custard in Atlanta, the Mohalskis attended the Frozen Dessert Institute in St. Louis to learn the craft before opening their doors in Brookhaven. We chatted with Heather, who handles the recipe and flavor development, to learn more.

You serve three flavors a day: chocolate, vanilla and a rotating flavor. What have been some of the most popular rotating options?

It’s hard to believe, but we’ve made more than 100 different flavors in the past two years. Some of the most popular are Lavender Rose, Apple Crisp, Olive Oil and Pine Nut, Balsamic Fig and Goat Cheese, and Georgia Clay [sweet potato custard with a salted caramel ribbon and pecans].

You also serve something called poffertjes. Tell us about them.

Poffertjes are a Dutch treat similar to small, airy pancakes. They’re delicious little puffs of heaven. Traditionally, they’re served with a little butter and powdered sugar, but we add fresh frozen custard and a drizzle of chocolate sauce.

How did you decide to open your shop in Brookhaven?

We love Brookhaven. We’ve lived in the area for 11 years and have been impressed by how residents support local businesses. It has always been a goal of ours to not only bring frozen custard to Atlanta, but directly to the community where we’ve grown roots.

What flavors can we expect to see this summer?

Summer flavors tend to include lots of seasonal fruit. Customers can expect, for example, strawberry custard made from strawberries our family picks from Georgia farms. And this year we intend to experiment more with herbs such as rosemary, mint and basil, as well as with melon flavors. We also plan on offering our frozen custard blended with sorbet to create a refreshing treat. And every summer we have “Christmas in July,” when warm flavors such as winter spice, pumpkin and peppermint come back for a week.

Southern Custard
3575 Durden Dr. N.E.
Brookhaven 30319

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