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Mediterranean Escape

Mediterranean Escape

Buckhead’s Knife Modern Mediterranean brings guests together through food and experience.

Knife Modern Mediterranean is open in Buckhead, ensconcing guests in a moody atmosphere and offering Mediterranean- influenced cuisine (think kebabs prepared on a charcoal grill, whole grilled branzino and baba ganoush with avocado). It also includes a speakeasy-style bar tucked behind the kitchen.

Managing Partner Ali Ebrahimi

We speak with Managing Partner Ali Ebrahimi, formerly of Gypsy Kitchen and Southern Gentleman, about the vision.

What is your goal with opening Knife?

Our goal was to capture the culinary essence of the region as the core of our menu, but so that it lends itself to a total immersion into the dining experience itself. We feel that friends and family gathering, sharing plates, conversing and enjoying a few hours are an important part of human connection.

What’s unique about the menu?

We want guests to enjoy a variety of dishes with a variety of flavors and textures. The menu is designed to guide you through a series of small dishes and dishes with unique twists that stimulate both the palate and the conversation. Some examples: Greek octopus finished with a beet and lavender foam and baba ganoush made with avocado, which adds zest and freshness.

Describe the restaurant’s design. How was it influenced by the Mediterranean?

We wanted to create a secluded getaway from the outside world that focuses on taste, ambiance, and overall experience, and we felt we could only match that if our design reflected the elegance and simplicity of the Mediterranean along with modern aesthetics we know guests would enjoy. We took inspiration from every country in the region in the design.

Tell us about the restaurant’s speakeasy- style bar. How is it different from the main dining area?

Tucked away from the rest of the restaurant, guests have the opportunity to enjoy a pre-meal cocktail or a nightcap and extend their dining experience just a bit longer. With limited seating, it’s available by reservation to allow everyone to enjoy this different experience.


BY Claire Ruhlin

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