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How To Save BIG Money On Your Teenagers Auto Insurance

How To Save BIG Money On Your Teenagers Auto Insurance

How To Save BIG Money On Your Teenagers Auto Insurance

It’s Official!  Effective November 1st of this year, I officially have three children that can drive an automobile.  On one hand, it’s a sigh of relief because now I have three drivers who can make a run to CVS or Chick-Fil-A to do those small errands I simply don’t want to do at all. On the other hand, you simply worry every time your children get out on the road and spend your nights waiting up to make sure that they get home safely.   Beyond the bad and good of having your children be able to drive, the one that really hits home is your auto insurance.

In fact, when my 20 year old went on to our auto insurance for the first time, even a seasoned financial advisor like myself gulped a little bit with sticker shock as a good solid student cost more than $2,000 per year.  When my second daughter went on about two years later and added another $2,000 per year, I thought to myself that there must be a better way to get a deal on auto insurance than be robbed by the mainstream auto insurance companies.  As much as I looked, I couldn’t find a solution.  Looming in my future to add to auto insurance was my third child who is a boy.  With the first two being girls, it was pretty expensive, but I knew my son would push our bill up to make our auto insurance bill basically as much as gas and electric.

Then I stumbled across a PURE solution. A solution so PURE, it could reduce my overall bills by more than 40% it is called Pure Insurance.  Pure Insurance was developed almost a decade ago to serve high credit score families that are also high net worth.  With many insurance companies, families are lumped into the pool with the thousands or millions of other families rather than being in a risk pool that may be more favorable for their particular financial situation.

When you become a PURE member, you join a very select group of responsible, financially successful families who own extraordinary homes and other high-value assets. A more responsible membership means fewer claims, which leads to lower premiums. Whether you own multiple homes and vehicles; collect fine art, enjoy fine wine, love fancy antiques, or travel extensively, PURE’s suite of products are optimized to help protect you from the risks and liabilities presented by your unique lifestyle.  (source:

When I compared my old premium for auto, homeowners, and umbrella liability which was more than $11,000 per year, the switch to Pure Insurance moved me to $6,100 per year.  Needless to say, for years I accepted the status quo for buying auto and home insurance until I discovered that there was a company who could underwrite a family like mine.

If you have a super high credit score, a net worth over seven digits, and teenage drivers, you should check out to potentially lower your automobile and homeowner’s insurance bills.

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