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Green Eggs and Van

Green Eggs and Van

Green Eggs and Van

When my son was a small child, he loved when I would read
him Dr. Seuss books.  Stories like ‘Oh
the Things you can Think’, or ‘To think I saw it on Mulberry Street’ were some
of his favorites.   Maybe it was the
funny stories.  Or maybe it was the
made-up words.  But he kept asking me to
read them again and again. 

What he did not realize was that he was learning some
important lessons about money, math and being an entrepreneur from the
books.  Here are a few of the Dr Seuss
lessons that I love.

  • ‘Horton Hears a Who’ has great lessons for
    business owners, who can find it a challenge to delegate work.  Entrepreneurs realize that there are no small
    rolls in a company.  And successful
    companies need good leadership and management. “A person’s a person, no matter
    how small”.  My favorite point in the
    book is where the smallest suggestion can be transformed into something
    great.   In my monthly podcast ( where I
    interview entrepreneurs, I get real world story after story, where these Horton
    lessons show up.
  • A less popular Seuss book is “Did I Every Tell
    You How Lucky You Are?”.  Which has a
    message of taking your successes and staying humble.  And if you dig a little deeper, you can see
    the whole glass half empty or half full debate.
  • Most Entrepreneurs understand the power of
    persuasion.  They have to sell their
    product or service.  And to be a great
    salesperson, you have to show enthusiasm. 
    This can be found in the classic Dr. Seuss “Green Eggs and Ham”.  By the end of the story, the narrator has
    convinced  Sam to try the Green Eggs and
    Ham.  Sam has to step outside of his
    comfort zone and try new things.  You
    won’t be much of a business leader, if you are not willing to take a chance on
    something new.

I can go on and on with Seuss books that teach math “One
Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish”.  Or
even choosing the right career path from “Would you rather be a
Bullfrog?”.  Maybe your SmartMoneyMove
should be to invest in a set of Dr Seuss books for your child or grandchild.

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