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I have a love-hate relationship with technology. It often feels like everyone’s staring at their phones (myself included) rather than engaging in conversation or being present.

Do we really need to Google the question at hand or check the Citizen app notification immediately? Can’t it wait until after dinner? At the same time, I very much appreciate all the daily smart functions that make life easier, such as beaming at-home workouts to the TV, modifying the house’s temperature remotely and checking on my sleeping baby from my phone. Once tech simplifies a slice of your life, it’s hard to go back.

And, of course, technology goes way beyond smartphones and apps into major public health innovations such as the COVID-19 vaccine, space exploration that puts “regular people” in rocket ships to the final frontier and much more. It’s incredible what humans can create. We simply can’t stop, won’t stop!

In our October issue, we explore the imaginations of local technology stars such as the founders of the Goodr app and Purposity platform, both of which aim to do good for communities. Atlanta is a hotbed for tech, and Michael Jacobs reports on the fast-growing startups in and around Buckhead that are working their magic in fintech, crypto, sales and security. He also chats with leaders at Atlanta’s tech incubators that serve to help tech businesses succeed here. I had the pleasure of speaking with former school teacher Anike Sakariyawo (featured on the cover) who founded a nonprofit to bring STEM and STEAM programs to underserved kids and helps foster the big ideas in little minds and therefore the future of technology in this country.

Throughout this issue, you might notice that we’re also embracing a new social media-forward change. We’ve added Instagram handles to our stories so you can find and follow the interesting individuals, fabulous retailers and noteworthy businesses featured on our pages. Wishing you a healthy and happy October.

Karina Antenucci
Managing Editor

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