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Wardrobe courtesy of Tootsies Vince Ridley suede boots ($385); Claudia beaded bracelets ($90) and hoop earrings ($120); MCL woven cuff ($395); Below The Belt suede belt ($100); Eugenia Kim bolero hat with pearl studs ($305); Krewe sunglasses ($205); Veronica Beard Minna dress ($595); Sarah Stewart leather jacket ($500); Elena Ghisellini suede fringe bag ($525); Chan Luu bandana ($45).

STORY: Holly Katz
PHOTO: Sara Hanna

Now that we’ve made the leap into 2019, let’s change our inner dialogue and put our fashion needs at the top of the priority list. How’s that for a resolution? Here’s a quick trend update to get you up to speed on the fashion do’s and don’ts of the new year.

As any true fashionista knows, everything eventually comes back in style. Looks from the early 1990s are back. Think grunge meets the movie Clueless meets the old American West. “The Americana pioneer trend is back,” says Sara Mixon, events coordinator and stylist at Tootsies in Buckhead. The elite women’s fashion boutique has a reputation for keeping ahead of the trends and educating its customers on the must-have new items, and Mixon says the Old West is being worn all over with a Little House on the Prairie vibe featuring full-length skirts, cowboy boots and romantic, flowy dresses.

“Also, don’t be surprised to see sequins during the day,” says Mixon. In the office, women are displaying a more polished, substantial look by adding a third piece such as a jacket or sweater rather than just wearing a top and a bottom. Fitted, double breasted and oversize boyfriend blazers are another hot seller.

The modest trend—fashionable without showing skin—will help us all say goodbye to bare shoulders and crop tops. The biggest fashion don’t of all is overalls, which made a huge comeback but are now out faster than they came in.

As far as denim goes, the flared jean is back, replacing the super skinny look. A great fitting jean is always in style, of course, but it’s important to remember fit first. Consider the silhouette that flatters your particular figure the best; no one size fits all. When it comes to colors, look for brights and neons to be mixed with pastels. Yellow is the “it” color you’re seeing everywhere now and for the upcoming seasons. If these intense hues make you squint harder than looking directly into the sun, then choosing neutrals mixed with bright accents is a nice way to stay within the trend.

Atlanta is quickly rising to the top of the fashion scene along with metropolitan cities such as Dallas, Birmingham and Charleston, and by following these few simple guidelines, you’ll be able to stay current.

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