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Marie Roy Paulic

Marie Paulic brings tapping, a unique stress-reducing tactic, to her family coaching.

Marie Roy Paulic
Marie Roy Paulic

Marie Roy Paulic is French, and has lived in Buckhead since 2021. Her husband’s work brought her from France to the Netherlands to Miami and on to Atlanta. “We chose the city in the forest over another city,” she says. The former middle and high school teacher now serves Atlanta-area families through her coaching business, where she therapeutically works with the whole family rather than individual members in a systemic approach to reduce stress, friction or solve specific problems. She uses Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as tapping, as a tool to help her clients manage anxiety and stress, offering live, in-person sessions as well as giving patients the tools to tap on their own. Here, she explains her practice and techniques.

What is Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping?

It’s called tapping in the States, but Emotional Freedom Technique was created in the 1990s by Gary Craig, a Stanford University graduate. It’s an evidence-based, therapeutic tool that sends calming signals to the amygdala in the brain, which is the fight or flight alarm center. With tapping, you stimulate meridian points in the body, similar to acupuncture. The stimulation sends a calming signal and reduces the cortisol level. When we tap these points, we simultaneously address a specific issue, such as fear, phobia, stress or an emotion like sadness. It’s been shown to reduce stress by more than 40%. Research in 2019 suggests it can reduce anxiety symptoms after only one session.

How often should someone do tapping?

Whenever you are anxious or stressed. When you know the protocol, you can use it for five minutes before going to work, before a stressful appointment or after a difficult day. I like tapping because it’s something we can do ourselves. We can heal on our own.

What is family coaching?

I’m a certified family coach. I integrate the whole family system into my coaching. It’s not just talking to the parents or giving parenting advice. I can help kids and teens with things like anxiety or lack of self-confidence. I work with the child and the parents with a global view. I think it’s more powerful because the whole family system is integrated. I can help everyone communicate better and address behavioral patterns.

How do you use tapping in your practice?

In my private family coaching practice, I do EFT sessions in conjunction with talk therapy. It’s therapeutic coaching that can work when classic therapy hasn’t been as successful as expected. I use it to help release the blockage that is holding my clients back. EFT can be used to address a specific issue. I ask questions so we can focus on one thing and let go of whatever has been blocking them from moving forward, such as bad previous experiences, fears, etc.

What’s the French Healing Collective?

I created it to help people who might feel overwhelmed or stressed. We offer workshops, yoga, meditation, tapping and more. I want people to discover tools that will help them feel better and then integrate them into their lives.

How can someone book you?

I do in-home family sessions. I also do group sessions through the French Healing Collective at Chastain Arts Center. I do online sessions for EFT as well.


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