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Meet the new Hungry Peach

Meet the new Hungry Peach

Courtney Buchanan/ CTB Creatives

What’s new at ADAC’s refreshed and remodeled cafe?

Courtney Buchanan/ CTB Creatives
Courtney Buchanan/ CTB Creatives

After closing temporarily, The Hungry Peach reopened with a bang in March. Owners Kelly and Andrew Moore (pictured here), who bought the cafe from Kelly’s mother in 2020, refreshed the Buckhead staple with a new look and menu. We spoke with Kelly about what guests can expect in 2021.

What’s new on the menu?

We were fortunate to partner with David Abes of DASH Hospitality Group, and he helped us navigate the menu updates. We added quiche Florentine as well as some Southern staples like a fried green tomato stack that’s layered with our house-made pimento cheese, and an avocado toast that has a delicious lemon preserve tart bite. We’ve also held on to a lot of our traditional favorites and go-to staple items like the chicken salad plate and truffle brownies. We’re also getting our alcohol license. We’re excited to have people sit down for some mimosas or Bloody Marys. We’ll also be selling some bottles of wine and fun glassware.

Tell us about The Hungry Peach’s facelift.

We’re in this beautiful design center, and we wanted to blend in a little bit more in the ADAC building. Hungry Peach is a family-owned and operated business, and we just wanted people to feel cozy and at home but also have those pieces that are a little bit more sophisticated. We added shiplap to the walls, put in some beautiful plush green velvet banquettes and varied up the seating with a mix of higher top tables and lower tables. I happen to also be an artist, and a lot of my artwork is on the walls. It’s kind of been a little place for me to be creative and put my things up.

What about the new artists market?

People can expect to see things like handmade jewelry, scarves, hand-drawn prints and candles. I was born and raised here, and as an artist, I have a lot of friends who are crafty, artistic people as well. We thought it would be nice to give people the opportunity to come by and grab everything from a gift or a jar of dressing to a stack of cards or stationery that are made by somebody locally.

The Hungry Peach
351 Peachtree Hills Ave., Suite 232
Atlanta 30305

BY: Claire Ruhlin

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