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From Medicine to Meat

From Medicine to Meat

FUN FACT Despite attending college in Texas, Boney is an avid University of Florida Gator fan.

Get to know Connor Boney, the man behind the Buckhead Butcher Shop.

FUN FACT Despite attending college in Texas, Boney is an avid University of Florida Gator fan.
FUN FACT Despite attending college in Texas, Boney is an avid University of Florida Gator fan. photo: Samantha Whittman

Having lived here nearly all his life, Connor Boney knows Buckhead and its needs. So when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and local residents began struggling to find meat and poultry at grocery stores, Boney sprang into action. Co-owner of 6-year-old Revere Meat Co., he started selling his high-end steaks—originally sold only to restaurants, clubs and retailers—out of the back of his truck to local buyers.

“Within two weeks, there were two-hour waits at times,” Boney says. “People were in love with the quality of the product.”

To address the demand, in July 2020 he opened Buckhead Butcher Shop, selling steaks, fresh and smoked seafood, poultry, pickles, charcuterie, jam, cheese, spices and more. Some of the most popular items are prime filet mignon, Wagyu hot dogs and Chilean sea bass, as well as prepared corn souffle and potatoes au gratin.

He’s also planning virtual cooking classes. “We’re all cooking more, so I want you to enjoy it more,” he says.

The 38-year-old hasn’t always been in the food world. He attended medical school, but after three years, he dropped out to help with his uncle’s Maryland-based seafood distribution company. We spoke to the entrepreneur about his growing business and his less-than-traditional career path.

Why did you leave medical school?

I went to med school to care for people. Around that time, my personal faith grew, and I found the opportunity to love and care for people through ministry. I wanted to find a job I could enjoy but that would allow for a more balanced life. I wanted to be a present father figure. [Then,] I fell in love with my uncle’s business.

What makes Buckhead Butcher special?

Meats are hand-selected, cut and custom-aged. We sell meat thermometers and sous vide machines. I wanted to create an atmosphere the Buckhead community could relate to—high end, modern and sleek. I wanted them to feel like they were walking into a boutique clothing store. It has black walls, gold accents, dark wood floating shelves and one white marble wall. I’ve hired chefs and culinary experts from around the area to pick the very best products. The items can’t just be quality products—they have to look it, too.

How do you balance running two businesses with family time?

I don’t [laughs]. My wife and I just welcomed our second child. We moved into a new house. It’s been difficult. I have great staff, and my faith gets me through.

What do you do for fun?

I spend time with my wife and kids. We like to cook out, go on walks and go to the beach. We’re homebodies. We like to spend time with each other, whether over a meal, watching TV or being outside. I like to golf and hunt but don’t have time for that right now. I’m a member of Buckhead Church and lead their Starting Point groups. It gives me the opportunity to develop one-on-one relationships with people who are just jumping into their faith. My biggest passion is serving other people through that ministry.

54 Pharr Road
Atlanta 30305

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