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Flights of Fancy

Flights of Fancy

Blue Heron Nature Preserve’s Art of Nature 2022

Nature exhibit honors humans and herons.

Claire Paul on reed fluteDon’t miss the chance to see work by 10 artists at the Blue Heron Nature Preserve’s “Art of Nature 2022: Light as a Feather” outdoor exhibit, featuring Atlanta-based sculptor Dorothy O’Connor, installation designer Gavin Bernard, printmaker Chloe Alexander and more. Curated by this year’s Artist-in-Residence K. Tauches, the seven-week installation ending June 12 showcases various artforms honoring the landscape, spiritual presence and heritage of the Creek and Cherokee Indians who lived here 200 years ago.

“There are feelings in certain places each individual taps into when they walk through the Preserve, which is a sanctuary in the city,” Tauches says. “There are invisible histories and untold stories—cycles of appearances and disappearances of people, animals and plants. I encouraged artists to participate who are sensitive and attentive to the consciousness of the forest, wildlife and creek still remaining in this otherwise developed area.”

Plan your visit around the exhibit’s live performance schedule, including Claire Paul (above) on reed flute and poetry/ spoken word by Yusef Sullivan.


BY Denise K. James

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