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Feel Good Food

Feel Good Food

The Dirtier Bird sandwich from Recess.


The Dirtier Bird sandwich from Recess.
The Dirtier Bird sandwich from Recess.

Atlanta’s fast-casual, health forward restaurant concept Recess is opening a new location this summer in Buckhead Village’s Hanover Building. Like the original Krog Street Market concept, this space will prioritize feel-good food, with a takeout and tech-focused model. We spoke with Culinary Director Whitney Wood about the new outpost.

Culinary Director Whitney Wood.
Culinary Director Whitney Wood.

Tell us about the new Recess Buckhead.

Recess will keep serving the hits that customers love while Whitney develops new and seasonal menu items. That means you’ll still be able to enjoy our Superbowl, Harvest Moon and My Farro Lady wherever you go. However, we’ll incorporate seasonal ingredients such as Georgia peaches in featured spots on our menu.

How do you build a menu of “food that makes you feel good”?

Designing “food that makes you feel good” starts with the reality that everyone’s dietary needs and preferences are unique. We aim to serve an inclusive, flexible and satisfying menu of chef-driven items that can be easily customized. Most of our bowls and salads are vegan-friendly, but we encourage guests to add toppings like braised chicken, carnitas or avocado, depending on how they feel. We define ourselves as a brand dedicated to preparing whole proteins, a colorful collection of seasonal vegetables and nutritious grains thoughtfully crafted to provide balanced and delicious options to all guests.

What makes this location’s menu or dining experience unique?

Buckhead will be our first location that allows guests to build their own bowl with our team members. With our new floor plan, guests won’t need to order at a counter and wait. Instead, they’ll be able to come inside and see all of our ingredients up close. We want guests to build with us. If you aren’t in the mood for the avocado on the Tom Cruz bowl one day, you might choose to swap it out for our roasted broccoli. Or you might decide to skip what’s on our menu board and build your paleo-friendly option from the ground up. This location is designed for streamlined convenience.

What does that mean?

We believe in extending hospitality beyond the four walls of our restaurant. This entails offering seamless ordering technology, enabling faster delivery via streamlined menu prep and caring about the small details like dedicated parking spaces for pick-up orders. And, if someone doesn’t have time, they can order ahead and pick up at our new takeout window.


BY Claire Ruhlin

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