Helping women and children is at the heart of Fab’rik

The Spinola family, left to right: Ryder, 5; Angelo; Lincoln, 7; Asher, 3; Dana and Hudson, 9, put their hearts into Fab’rik boutique.

Buckhead resident Dana Spinola left corporate America in 2006 to follow her dream of owning a clothing boutique “with a heart,” where women could afford to look beautiful. Her store, Fab’rik, not only offers affordable wares in 40 locations, but has a nonprofit arm.

“I believe clothing can change lives, and I have seen it in the faces of women we work with in Atlanta’s safe houses,” Spinola says. “Through our nonprofit, Free Fab’rik, launched in 2010, we offer free weekly shopping sprees along with a fashion show to help women regain their self worth.”

Another one of the entrepreneur’s passions is partnering with Project 82 Kenya to support an orphanage in that country. The inspiration came when she and her husband, Angelo, adopted a baby girl from Ethiopia whom they called Asher, a name that became synonymous with a trendy line of Fab’rik clothing. Net profits from every Asher sale go to the orphanage where abandoned children receive basic needs until “forever families” are found.

“Kristi Parris is the designer and heart behind the Asher line,” Spinola says. “Every piece of clothing has a tag with a particular child’s story and photo, so customers feel that their purchases have made a difference in a child’s life.”

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BY: Mickey Goodman