SIMPLY NOW | TRAVEL NEAR: Greenville, South Carolina

The gumption of Greenville

This flourishing Southern town leaves little to be desired

By Giannina Smith Bedford

“You’ve got to go to Greenville!” This was the response I got nearly every time I mentioned I hadn’t visited the South Carolina town—not to be confused with the Georgia or North Carolina municipalities by the same name. I finally began to wonder what it was about this particular Greenville that […]

SIMPLY NOW | TRAVEL FAR: Shimmering Shanghai

Shimmering Shanghai

The old and the new collide in mainland China’s financial capital

By Jennifer Bradley Franklin

“A multitude of people and yet solitude,” Charles Dickens wrote in A Tale of Two Cities. These words echoed in my mind during my first trip to Shanghai, and I was struck by how the city is both extremely populated and peaceful, and how the two banks of the Huangpu River feel completely different from each other.

For the first leg […]

SIMPLY NOW | TRAVEL NEAR: Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort

Bitten by Amelia Island: North Florida resort a blissful blend of sports, nature and fine dining

By Wendell Brock


The look on my face must have been a giveaway.

I had come to Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort for a self-indulgent weekend of eating, drinking and sunbathing. Anything requiring brains and movement felt too much like high school P.E. to me. So when a bit of gusty morning […]

SIMPLY NOW | TRAVEL FAR: Helsinki, Finland

Un-Finnished romance: Design-rich Helsinki a visually arresting mix of old and new

Story and photos: Wendell Brock

IMG_3675 Situated roughly halfway between Stockholm and St. Petersburg on the Baltic Sea, Helsinki is a European city that seems to revel in its quirkiness. It is a place of severe, dreary winters with almost no light at all—and long summer nights when the sun almost doesn’t set. It is home to […]


Land of Legends: Summer fun in Blowing Rock

Feature: Marie Bartlett

Blowing rock


Once home to the warring Cherokee and Catawba Indians, Blowing Rock, North Carolina, took its name from a tale of two star-crossed lovers. According to Indian lore, a Catawba maiden was pleading for her Cherokee brave not to return to his tribe. Caught between duty and love, he grew desperate and leaped from the edge […]

SIMPLY NOW | TRAVEL FAR: Banff and Lake Louise

Cold & Coddled in Canada

Banff and Lake Louise balance the powerful outdoors with pampering (and historic) indoors

By Giannina Smith Bedford

cll_1_350x230I thought I knew real cold, and then I went to Canada. As I listened intently to my cross-country ski guide’s instructions, I could feel the ice building up on my eyelashes and stray pieces of hair sticking out from my ski jacket. “Whatever you do, […]


Come On Over To Augusta

By Joanne Hayes

Mention Augusta, and the Masters Golf Tournament held every April is the first thing that comes to mind. But there is much more to this blossoming city. Augusta was founded as a trading post during the British colonial period. Today it boasts a thriving medical community, a burgeoning arts and culture scene, dynamic recreation, unique eateries and fine cuisine, providing amusement year-round. Here is a must-do list of […]