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Expert tips on selecting shades and treatments.

Courtesy of The Shade Store

From keeping your home cool to giving you privacy, window shades and treatments are multipurpose. Of course, you also want them to look stylish. We asked Adam Skalman, vice president of sales at The Shade Store, to give us some tips on picking out the perfect ones. Still unsure? Seek professional help from expert design consultants at The Shade Store’s locations.

1. Understand Your Needs: Consider the purpose of the window treatments. Do you need privacy in a bedroom or bathroom? Do you want to filter light in a living room or office? Understanding your needs will help you choose the window treatment that serves its purpose effectively.

2. Consider the Style: Window treatments are an extension of your home’s decor and should complement your overall style. Whether you prefer modern, traditional or eclectic, consider the design, color and pattern of the window treatments to ensure they blend seamlessly with your decor. For example, roller shades provide a clean and simple aesthetic while a Roman shade can add more depth and texture to a room. Drapery is great for adding drama and, when mounted to the ceiling, can make a room look larger.

3. Determine Functionality: Think beyond aesthetics and consider the functionality of your window treatments. Do you need a blackout for a bedroom or energy- efficient solar shades for a sunny window? Consider factors such as light control, insulation and ease of operation to ensure your window treatments meet your practical needs. Many of our customers have been turning to motorization as a functional solution for window treatments in hard-to-reach areas or for smart home optimization.

4. Quality Matters: Investing in high-quality materials and craftsmanship for your custom window treatments is a wise longterm investment that can enhance the value of your home. They last longer and also offer better functionality and durability.

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