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Zhoosh Up Your Zzz’s

Zhoosh Up Your Zzz’s

Meet Cam Reynolds (left) and Jenny Taubel (right), the owners of Gramercy.

Meet the proprietors behind Buckhead’s lavish Gramercy linen boutique.

Meet Cam Reynolds (left) and Jenny Taubel (right), the owners of Gramercy.
Meet Cam Reynolds (left) and Jenny Taubel (right), the owners of Gramercy.

Gramercy in Peachtree Battle was born around a dinner table more than a decade ago. Owners and linen experts Cam Reynolds and Jenny Taubel were both newlyweds seeking investment pieces for furnishing their respective homes. Fast friends who met through a mutual acquaintance, the duo took a chance on being business partners, too. “We were both ready to step away from corporate America but were also looking to fuel our creative side,” Reynolds says.

After tossing around a few ideas, they landed on a fine linens store. “At the time, there was only one other similar fine linen shop. It was in Savannah. We knew there was a need in Atlanta too,” Taubel says. Since its inception in 2008, Gramercy has been the place for designers, decorators and dreamers to source top-of-the line linens. Over the years, the store has broadened its scope to include gifts such as elegant candles and bath items, D. Porthault accessories such as toiletry bags and sachets, and even baby gifts such as alpaca throws.

This fall, Reynolds and Taubel expanded their tabletop collection to include even more china and glassware. Here, the pair divulges how linens are an essential part of a plush life.

How are linens an important part of interior design?

CR: In a bedroom, it’s the focus of the room. Linens make it feel fresh and good. JT: You spend the majority of your time [in the bedroom] in your bed, so why would you not treat that place, where you spend the most time, as a luxurious one?

What type of services do you offer for novice linen shoppers?

JT: We have a design consultation. You can either do that here, or we can come to your home. CR: People will bring a picture or just talk through what they like. We’ll start by pulling out samples and asking questions. Do they want a print? Or would they rather do something that’s playful with an edge? Then we’ll build out some options, and we’ll quote it for them. We are happy to walk through every step, from the initial idea all the way through to installation. We also have a wedding registry in-store and online, as well as wish lists for holidays.

If someone were going to outfit a queen bed, what would be a healthy starting budget?

CR: If you were doing a duvet cover, shams, sheets and coverlet, $1,500 would be a great starting point. JT: Let’s say you have some of these other items already, but you want to add in a beautiful sheet set, you could start at $500.

If I could splurge on one item at Gramercy, what should that be?

JT: A true down pillow. It’s a luxury, and you cannot go back once you have one. I even take mine when I travel. CR: If you are looking for more bang for your buck, I’d start with an applique (bold, ornamental needlework). A lot of our vendors stay true to their colors over the years, so you’re able to add over time.

Monogramming is a big part of your business. How can people incorporate monograms in a contemporary way but still capture that traditional nostalgia?

CR: The placement doesn’t need to be large and in the middle. It might be in the bottom corner or offset a little bit. It also might be an unexpected color, like a [neon].

What do you think is going to be a hot gift item this holiday season?

JT: Mohair blankets in fun colors and tabletop glassware. CR: People are ready to be with their people again, as much as possible. And so I think entertaining and tablescapes are going to be huge.


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