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Warmer temperatures mean sunnier skies—and sunnier outfits. Adding color to your daily ensemble or weekend barbecue getup is inevitable, but too much color can send your outfit right out of style. To make sure your clothing is on point, local style experts Rob the King owner Tasha Mize, jewelry designer Molly Jane Gravitt, tastemaker and consultant Laura Carson Miller, and founder of Jessica Camerata share tips for adding in your favorite hues.

Tasha Mize Owner of Rob the King
Tasha Mize
Owner of Rob the King


To brighten your mood: “Adding in color to your wardrobe just makes us feel better. Even if you are in a little black dress and add a pop of hot pink or red, it gives you a little more pep in your step and an extra boost of confidence,” says Tasha Mize.

To start conversations: “Wearing color can lead to great conversations. It’s very rare that we don a colorful romper or a bright accessory and someone doesn’t ask us where we got the romper or compliment us because the outfit looks great,” Mize says.


Jessica Camerata Founder of
Jessica Camerata
Founder of


With statement pieces: “If your outfit is neutral and relaxed, throw on a unique and bold statement necklace. It will add structure and texture to your ensemble without stealing all the attention,” says Molly Jane Gravitt.

Draw from home inspiration: “The most important thing to remember is that color can be subtle and still very powerful … Think in terms of colors you like, take a look at your home interiors to get a feel for shades you are drawn to, then try on various shades to see which ones best suit you,” says Laura Carson Miller.

Molly Jane Gravitt Jewelry Designer of Molly Jane Designs
Molly Jane Gravitt
Jewelry Designer of Molly Jane Designs

Stick with what you know: “Adding color is easy! Pick pieces in a fun color in the silhouettes you already know work for your body, and also pieces that work with items already in your closet,” says Jessica Camerata.

Accessorize: “Bracelets and statement necklaces are a great way to embrace color while staying on trend and within budget. Warm weather offers sleeveless and short sleeve fashions that show off wrists, along with lower necklines, so it’s easy to make colorful stacked bracelets or a vibrant necklace the focus of your outfit. These pieces really take jeans and simple, well-tailored white T-shirts to another level, while they also bring new life to your tried and true little black dress,” Miller says.



Laura Carson Miller Tastemaker and Consultant
Laura Carson Miller
Tastemaker and Consultant

Any and all: “All bright colors are amazing—hot pink, sea blue, yellow, orange and green. I recommend any color that you personally relate to that takes your confidence level from a 7 to a 10,” Mize says.

Mix it up: “I love to grab my favorite silhouettes, like a pencil skirt or skinny jeans, in a bold color that can easily be paired with a neutral top that I know I have a few of in my closet. If you want to be daring (which I love to do), mix colors. This sounds scary, but it’s not difficult. You can easily stick to some great combinations that always work, like pink and red, or navy and really any shade of pink. I’m also a big fan of yellows with cobalt blues right now for summer,” Camerata says.

The essentials: “I love shoes or handbags for pops of color. Many people prefer a neutral wardrobe, such as black or navy— dark, monochromatic dressing is very slimming and instantly makes you look very put together no matter what the occasion! It’s a no-brainer and always looks polished. To liven up that landscape, try a cobalt handbag or a pair of strappy sandals in red or orange for the warmer months. J. Crew always has great flats in fun shades that are very wearable and will last you for many seasons, and they always have some available on sale,” Miller says.

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