The holidays have arrived, which means it’s time to get into the entertaining spirit.


If you’re out of practice, don’t fret; we have you covered with some tips from DIY and lifestyle expert Lynn Lilly, the founder of Craft Box Girls. Read on to get the Buckhead resident’s insight into stress-free holiday entertaining.

Plan ahead.

Get ahead of stress by planning festivities a few weeks out, so when it’s party time, you can enjoy the celebrations alongside family and friends rather than from the kitchen. I’m a goal and schedule-driven mom and business woman, so when it comes to entertaining, I treat it like I am planning for a work project. Create goals and deadlines for yourself.

Get the kids involved.

My daughter is so much happier when she feels a part of the festivities. Find activities kids can do that will contribute to the celebration. These can be as simple as coloring place cards while you prep the meal so they stay out of the kitchen or inviting them to help decorate desserts.

Ask for help.

When planning your celebration, think about the most time-consuming parts: cooking, setting up, running errands, etc., and ask friends and family to help with those ahead of time. Husbands make great assistants, too. Your friends and family will appreciate your asking for their help ahead of time instead of last minute.

Individual servings.

People are still easing into celebrating in groups, and as a hostess, you want to make it as comfortable as possible for everyone. Think about menu items that can be served in individual containers—salad in a jar, charcuterie cups, hand pies—to avoid shared serving utensils. If you have menu items that need to be served, have one person handle the serving.

Keep it simple.

Don’t crowd the celebration with too many activities or a structured schedule. Keep it fluid and relaxed. Many families and friends have not been together much, so they’ll want time to catch up and enjoy each other as much as the food and festivities.”

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