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Silom Omakase

Leonard Yu brings traditional omakase to Buckhead

Silom Omakase

Looking for an intimate sushi experience? You can find it at Silom Omakase Table within Buckhead’s Silom Thai and Sushi. The brainchild of Leonard Yu, formerly of Decatur’s Brush Sushi Izakaya, Silom Omakase launched in August. At the six-person table located in a private dining room, guests partake in Yu’s 15-course omakase (the word means “I’ll leave it up to you, chef”) menu. We chatted with Yu to learn more about this experience.

How is your omakase menu different from other restaurants in Atlanta?

What I’m doing is more traditional. There’s no crispy spicy tuna or fusion. I focus on aging and curing the fish and traditional methods. The rice you use for your sushi is less sweet than many other sushi spots in town.

How do you prepare it?

I don’t use sugar in my rice. The koshihikari rice I use is from Niigata, Japan and I blend it with nanatsuboshi rice from Hokkaido, Japan and aged Akasu red vinegar. The reason why I blend the two rices is that the koshihikari is so sticky, and the other rice is looser. It’s strong enough to hold a nigiri, but it’s going to fall apart when the customer eats it. The meal concludes with a piece of tamago (a type of Japanese omelet).

How do you make yours?

Mine is a blend of sweet cream, eggs and yamaimo (mountain yam). I mix it all together and put it on the stove with a small fire for about four hours. It’s very hard to make, though. The tamago is fluffy, and when a lot of people try it, they think there’s flour, but there is no flour in there. It’s just egg and cream.

Silom Omakase Table
3345 Lenox Road N.E.
Atlanta 30326

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