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Riding the wave of burgeoning artistic fame.


Singer-songwriter, actor and Buckhead resident Kameron Corvet lives by the personal mantra “You can’t make a withdrawal before you make a deposit.” All the work he puts into his music and acting career, from writing songs and preparing a set list for a gig to Instagram skits and networking, is an investment. The withdrawals are his indie-soul music and acting performances.

You may catch Corvet singing with his acoustic guitar locally at Sunday brunch at The Beverly in Glenwood Park or on some evenings at The James Room on the BeltLine’s Eastside Trail. These humble gigs might seem unusual for someone who has traveled the world, opening for artists such as Adele and Chaka Khan, but they’re par for the course for Corvet who just likes to play his storytelling music. “Things have been going really well. I’m riding the wave and making sure I can do as much as I possibly can,” says the Morehouse graduate.

In 2018, Corvet got his big break. He wrote the chart-topping “Don’t Make Me Wait” from his apartment couch, and its recording passed through a series of the right hands. The result was a collaboration with Sting and Shaggy on the album 44/876, which won a Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album in 2019. Their single, co-written by Corvet, also charted No. 1 in more than 14 countries.

While the pandemic slowed down Corvet’s international touring schedule, he stayed busy. He worked on his most recent EP release, Kathy’s Basement, which includes an acoustic version of “Don’t Make Me Wait.” The album is inspired by his mother, Kathy, who always wanted a basement in their family’s homes. “All of our houses were ground floor up,” Corvet explains. “The album cover is an imaginary basement created in my mom’s honor.” A close-knit and musical bunch, the Corvets are originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and relocated to Cincinnati, Ohio when he was 10.

In the year ahead, Corvet hopes to bring his latest songs on tour around the U.S. and abroad, building a core audience while “market testing,” as he calls it. He would also like to pursue acting roles, something he recently had a taste of for the first time.

In a twist of fate, a connection recommended him for the role he landed as renowned guitar player Cornell Dupree in “Genius: Aretha.” The National Geographic biographical anthology series is based on the life of Aretha Franklin and stars Cynthia Erivo as the famed songstress. “I went in extremely humble,” Corvet says of his first big-production acting role and wanting to absorb every learning moment from the experience.

Using Instagram as a creative outlet, Corvet also likes to entertain with short skits called “5 Seconds of French,” aimed at teaching viewers the language. Sound random? It isn’t really. He grew up speaking French in school at a young age, earned a bachelor’s degree in French and business from Morehouse and taught the language to middle and high schoolers in Atlanta for several years before pursuing his music career full-time four years ago.

As both his “deposits” and “withdrawals” snowball for Corvet, he is dreaming big and aspires to be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame one day. “Or at least greatly contribute to the arts as a whole,” he says. “I have the ability to do it at a high level. I’m destined to do a bunch of great things.”


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