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These trends will keep your eyebrows perfectly shaped

These trends will keep your eyebrows perfectly shape!

These trends will keep your eyebrows perfectly shaped

While eyebrows have always helped define beauty standards and trends, it is still fair to say they have been having “a moment” over the past few years. This focus on eyebrows can be attributed to an entire generation of women rehabbing their brows back from the overplucked skinny rainbows of their ’90s youth. Though TikTok seems determined to bring back the old trend, brow expert Leza Bennett- McCall of The Perfect Brows in Buckhead assures us that the social media platform’s skinny brow videos are a momentary fad and to stand firm on bold, bushy brows. “Skinny brows can never replace a natural, beautiful brow,” she says. “As long as it takes people to grow their thin brows back out, I say ‘no’ to the skinny brow.”

Drumroll, please, for three of the most popular in-salon brow services that will keep them perfectly shaped.

Brow Lamination

This non-invasive straightening perm for your brows holds the hairs up in a vertical position to give them a more feathery, bold look. Brow lamination specialist Skylar Barrett of Tinte Color and Blow Dry Bar in Upper Westside says, “Lamination is an amazing solution for anyone who wants the look of fuller brows because no matter what your brow concern is—thin, overplucked, unruly or curly—it can help.” Lamination is possible on any skin or hair type and takes roughly 30 minutes to complete. The results are immediate and can last anywhere from four to eight weeks. “It allows the hair to be shaped in any way, so even if brow shape trends change, lamination can accommodate that,” Barrett says.


This author is currently on year six with microblading and receives at least one compliment per day on her brows. It is a semi-permanent makeup technique during which tiny incisions are made with a specialized hand tool to deposit color that mimics the look of individual hairs. The result is thicker shaped brows that are customized to each person’s face shape and preference that require a touch-up every few years. The initial treatment requires two appointments, the first of which takes roughly two hours, and then a touch-up appointment six to eight weeks later. In the healing process, the pigment fades and deepens, so final results take about two months to be seen. Individuals with particularly oily skin, autoimmune diseases or diabetes are not good candidates for the procedure. But according to Bennett-McCall, the highly popular treatment is here to stay. “Microblading is the perfect low-maintenance eyebrow treatment. It’s definitely not a fad but a household name that is requested in salons around the world.”

Powder Brows

This semi-permanent makeup technique involves a hand tool with a tiny needle used to apply pin dot pigment within your brows to create a soft look similar to filling in with a powder product. The treatment requires two appointments: an initial application lasts roughly two hours, and a touch-up takes places about six to eight weeks after the initial appointment, as well as every one to three years, depending on your skin. According to brow expert Inga Bailey-Hedge whose studio is in Dunwoody. “The powder brow technique is for anyone who wants to redefine the shape of their eyebrows whether they have naturally thin brows or they are fading with age.” The primary difference in appearance between microblading and this option is that the former looks like you have perfectly groomed brows naturally, while powder brows give the appearance of having the perfect makeup application.





Two products that are great options for your makeup arsenal

It Cosmetics Brow Power Filler Volumizing Tinted Fiber Eyebrow Gel [$25]

In one easy step, this product fills, shapes and sets your brows with just a swipe or two.


Deck of Scarlet Over-Arching Brow Kit [$38]

This all-in-one kit includes an ultra-fine brow pencil, shaping powder, setting balm and a double-sided brush that multi-tasks for filling in and shaping.

Deck of Scarlet

STORY: Emily L. Foley

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