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Know this about building a pool in Atlanta

Know this about building a pool in Atlanta!

Know this about building a pool in Atlanta

With much time spent at home of late, it has allowed many of us to focus on home improvements that will make our indoor and outdoor living spaces more enjoyable. According to HBW, a firm that tracks building permits across the Southeast, the metro area saw a 55% increase in new swimming pool construction in 2021 from the previous year. And Fulton County ranked as the No. 1 locale for new pools.

If you’re ready for the big dig in your own backyard, know what to expect before you begin construction. Here, Danny Franke, owner of Custom Pools of Atlanta, shares little-known facts about building a pool in Atlanta to help you navigate the process.

How much should I expect to pay for a swimming pool today?

You should prepare for something north of $100,000. By the time you add fencing, landscaping and some furniture, you’re probably going to be in the $135,000 to $150,000 range.

What should be my first step if I want to add a pool to my yard?

Before you call a pool contractor, get a complete survey of your lot. A survey will disclose such things as stream buffers, topography challenges and heritage trees that you are unable to remove. You should contact a qualified registered surveyor who is astute about your particular municipality and understands the regulations in your area. These days, those surveys can take up to six weeks to acquire.

How long will it take to build a pool?

Once you have a survey, you can work with a pool contractor to come up with your site plan, which is submitted to the city for a permit. Creating a plan takes about four weeks, and the permit process in Atlanta typically takes eight to 12 weeks. It can actually take up to five months before you even put a shovel in the ground. Building a pool is now around a nine- to 12-month process.

There are so many trees in Atlanta. How will this affect my pool construction?

You not only have to think about the type of trees you have, but also the specific location of those trees. In the zoning of your lot, you have rear and side setbacks. If you have a tree in a side setback, Atlanta will not let you remove it. Even your neighbor’s trees can play a pivotal role in what you can do in your backyard.

Is there anything besides fencing that I have to add to my home when a pool is built?

Many municipalities require stormwater reductions that deal with water runoff on your property. This means you may need an extensive drainage system. Many people don’t realize that to meet national code there are specific alarms that have to go on the doors and windows of your home that allow access to the swimming pool.

How much time should I expect to spend maintaining the pool?

Today’s automation is going to take care of the lion’s share of the maintenance. It will probably need a half-hour of attention a week. Either you can do it, or you can hire a service company to handle it.

How will having a pool affect the energy costs for my home?

If you have a high-end system, you’re going to increase your power bill by $50 a month. That depends on how much you use the heater for the pool and the spa, if you have one.


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