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“Heroes” is a word most of us have been using a lot lately. Health care heroes. Frontline heroes.

There are countless heroes among us who should be celebrated. Naturally, some are already in the spotlight, but many others are not. Simply Buckhead’s October issue honors unsung heroes, those who are doing the good work in our communities and are largely out of the limelight.

From fundraising for foster children to engineering face masks for those with disabilities, the impact of the exemplary human beings featured in our cover story can be felt by those they serve. They are prime examples of selflessness and a drive to help. Plus, Mickey Goodman pens the Local Salute column, showcasing the passionate achievements of more heroes in our midst in every issue.

Uncovering the creative paths and supporting the professional journeys of those in our readership is a passion of ours. In this issue, Carly Cooper discovers the serendipitous story of Sandy Springs resident and interior designer Jason Feldman, Jennifer Bradley Franklin chats with Kendria Strong of Dunwoody based African Pride about the beauty brand’s unique offerings, Nicole Letts reveals Buckhead artist Blake Weeks’ winding road to his incredible sculptures, and Rebecca Cha digs deep with the culinary duo behind sought-after local foraging business Seminalia.

We hope you enjoy reading all of these stories as much as we enjoyed writing them and come away feeling encouraged that you, too, can be a hero or follow your passion.

Karina Antenucci
Managing Editor

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