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Led by Chef Freddy Money, Atlas and The Garden Room get creative with reimagined menus.

In August, Atlas and The Garden Room debuted forward-thinking menus that highlight the “whimsical techniques I’ve picked up throughout my travels around the world and great kitchens that I’ve had the privilege of working in,” says Culinary Director Chef Freddy Money. He also draws upon local Georgia ingredients to produce fresh, seasonal flavors. Here, he reflects on the inspiration behind both menu reinventions.

Chef Freddy Money is known for artful presentations such as the Waygu filet pictured here(above).

Tell us what to expect from the new Atlas.

For the main dining room, we’re really focusing on our seasonal dining menu. This will change dramatically maybe four times throughout the year. We’ll start with a series of snacks to break the ice, and then we’ll go into the seven-course menu. The food is really a beautiful piece of fish married with exceptional vegetables and all brought together by a delicious sauce. We also have a series of add-ons. The Tavern [bar and lounge area] features the same ingredients, care and technique but is a little more free-spirited and casual. If you just want to pop in for some oysters and Champagne or a nice steak with our homemade tater tots, you’re more than welcome.

What do you mean by “whimsical techniques”?

It will always be a play on temperature, texture and experience. It might be something hot that explodes in your mouth, dissolves or looks hot, but it’s really cold. We like to be creative and play with your senses in a fun way.

What’s new at The Garden Room?

It’s the same high quality ingredients prepared with the same attention to detail and care but presented in a more informal way. We have an à la carte menu with a beautiful selection of appetizers and entrees, as well as some add-ons if you want to add Wagyu beef or Maine lobsters. I really prompt everybody to try the shareable side of the menu, which includes things such as caviar, oysters, shellfish and lobster rolls. I’m never getting rid of our warm oyster dish because it’s amazing. We have a crab escargot where we take snow crab claws and cook them as the French would cook snails in garlic butter with some breadcrumbs. We also have small plates and an amazing caviar service and pastries. Executive Pastry Chef Eric Snow is a wizard, and he’s doing some cool, interactive desserts like La Vie En Rose, where we freeze a rose in nitrogen, and you can smash it yourself and garnish your own dessert.



BY Claire Ruhlin

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