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Anastasia Peck is originally from Kaliningrad, Russia, where eyelash extension studios are like nail salons—there is one on virtually every corner. Though she studied linguistics at university, the innate entrepreneur in her kicked in when she moved to Atlanta 10 years ago to practice her English and further her acting career. She was on the hunt for a lash bar to refresh her own extensions and couldn’t find one. So Peck trained with Ideal Lashes, a respected and well-known brand in Europe, and became certified to do lashes. Five years ago, she opened Blink & Wink, a lash and brow studio in Sandy Springs. Now Peck has become the go-to gal for celebs such as Laura Linney, Dania Ramirez, Zoë Kravitz and Olivia Munn when they travel through Atlanta for work.

Why is the celeb set gravitating toward you?

What makes us unique is that our materials and products are all high-grade from the U.K. or Russia. They are better quality and better for your lashes. We also take a minute to sit down and talk to our clients to figure out what they like, don’t like, what they are trying to achieve. It’s a more personable approach.

What’s it like working with celebrities?

I’ve never been star-struck. I’m used to this world. I just try to be cool and treat them like normal people.

Do you have a favorite moment working with a celebrity in Atlanta?

Probably because I act as well, my favorite moment was with Olivia Munn. I always talk to celebrity clients about their tips on the industry. I had an incredible conversation with Olivia, who told me her story and how she got started. It was very motivating.

What is the biggest lash trend right now?

Big right now are 3-D lashes. Classic extensions are attached one-by-one to each individual lash. Also called Russian volume, 3-Ds involve little fans of three or four on each lash. It gives you more volume and depth and lasts much longer, with touch-ups needed between four to six weeks versus two to three. I’m obsessed with them.

What are you excited about in the year ahead?

I’m expanding the studio space. I’m also always taking a lot of continuing education classes. I fly back to Russia to take more courses on the newest trends and products. This year, I’m going to London to train with Flawless Lashes by Loretta, one of the best lash experts in world.

What do you do in your off-time?

I’m a very social person and a huge foodie. My whole life revolves around lashes and food. One of my favorite restaurants is Umi. I do lashes on the chef and people who work there.

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