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Snap Thai Fish House’s Papaya Salad with Lump Crab

Snap Thai Fish House’s Chef Pattie Lawlertratana shares a signature recipe just in time for summer entertaining!

Snap Thai Fish House’s Papaya Salad with Lump Crab

Chef-driven Snap Thai Fish House opened earlier this year, bringing coastal Thai flavors to Buckhead. Embrace the restaurant’s fresh flavors with Chef Pattie Lawlertratana’s lump-crab papaya salad recipe.

Papaya Salad with Lump Crab
Serves: 2

3 tablespoons palm sugar
2 tablespoons fish sauce
2 fresh Thai chili
1 Thai green papaya
4 cloves of garlic
10 string beans
8 cherry tomatoes (halved)
1 carrot (julienned)
2 limes (cut and ready to juice)
¼ cup roasted peanuts (optional)
3 tablespoons lump crab meat
Lettuce for serving (optional)


Shred the green papaya with a regular cheese grater with large-sized holes. There should be 4 cups. Discard the green papaya seeds. In a clay mortar or mixing bowl, pound the garlic and chilies into a paste. Add 3 tablespoons of the peanuts (reserve 1 tablespoon for garnish) and all of the beans and pound to bruise. Follow with the green papaya and carrot. Stir well with a spoon or spatula and pound to bruise the vegetables so they absorb the heat and flavor of the chilies and garlic. Add the lime juice, fish sauce, palm sugar and tomato. Stir and bruise lightly to blend in with the rest of the salad. Transfer to a serving plate lined with lettuce (optional) and sprinkle with remaining peanuts. Add lump crab meat.


BY Claire Ruhlin

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