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Saving money is always in style!

Look out for Friends and Family sales at the Lenox Square anchor stores.
Fashion stylist Emily Loftiss regularly shops sales when she dresses her clients for high profile events and red carpets.

The kids are out of school, the weather is plenty hot, and the official first day of summer hits this month, which means it’s time to let your summer fashion out to play. If you notice your summer wardrobe needs a little refresh, summer sales are the best way to ensure your closet is popping for the season without breaking the bank. Here, we tap fashion stylist Emily Loftiss to get her tips for navigating summer sales like a pro. “My brand is ‘Everyday Glam’, so my entire outlook on life is finding ways to look glamorous on a budget, and that means sales,” she says.


1. Do Your Research

“There’s nothing worse than buying something only to see it go on sale a week later, so find out when your favorite stores are having their sales and plan your shopping around those dates.”

At the annual Abbey Glass sale, you can save money on dresses for all your summer special occasions.

2: Make a List

“To be the most efficient, do a walk-through of your closet and see what items you are missing, and then make a list of those ‘needs.’ That will help you stay on task once you’re in the store, so you don’t only buy that colorful kaftan for your beach trip but also the denim shorts you need, too!”

3: Arrive Early

When you’re sale shopping, it’s not the time to be running late. Getting to the sale first not only means that you’ll get the best selection, but according to Loftiss, it could also save you money down the road: “If you snag your correct size, then there’s no need to get the items tailored,” she says.


Atlanta fashion institutions Ann Mashburn and Sid Mashburn offer sales at the end of July.

4: Upgrade Your Whites


“White clothes are a staple for the season, but they get dingy easily and often lose their crispness after one season,” Loftiss says. “Definitely sale shop for necessities like the perfect white tee, white denim and white linen pants that you need to re-purchase each year.”

5: Have Some Fun

“Summer fashion is all about fun—neon, bold prints, print mixing and eye-catching accessories. Make strong choices when you are shopping, so you will have a fun array of options to pull from when you’re getting dressed all summer long.”

6: Think Long Term

“Bold summer accessories like neon earrings or a scarf with a bright print are perfect to pull out when the weather first warms up, so you feel ready for the sudden spring-like temps. Plan ahead during summer sales to make sure you have those bold accessories on hand for the beginning of the next warm season, too.”

STORY: Emily L. Foley

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