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3. Our Shoe Box, $2.19 each.
3. Our Shoe Box, $2.19 each.
3. Our Shoe Box, $2.19 each.

1. Matching, non-slip hangers make everything look seamless and won’t take up as much space as a plethora of mismatched ones. “When it’s easier on the eye, it’s easier on the brain,” says Duncan, who prefers the pantstyle hangers that have a bar across the bottom because they have less potential for tangling.

2. Suspension drawer dividers divvy up drawers to organize smaller items such as socks and underwear.

3. Clear, plastic shoe boxes— either with drop-down fronts (more expensive) or lids like a regular shoe box—keep dust off of shoes and make them easily stackable to maximize vertical space. These come in different sizes for shoes with heels, boots, men’s shoes and more.

4. Matching lined baskets or bins in small, medium and large organize everything from bathing suits to scarves and hats. “I like baskets or bins with right angles instead of a ‘V’ shape because items are less likely to fall over and sit up straight, and they are more space efficient.”

5. Bin clips attach either a printed or written label to each basket so you know what’s inside. These come in a variety of colors. 6. Acrylic shelf dividers work well to organize clutches and small purses on shelves.

All products available at The Container Store.


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