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Safety Season

Safety Season

Enjoying outdoor fires responsibly!

top tips for using and building a fire pit

Bonfires are a highlight of the fall season, but with October being Fire Prevention Month, it’s also a good time to brush up on fire safety. We tapped The Home Depot’s associate merchant for fire safety, Sandy Springs resident Alex Forte, for some top tips for using and building a fire pit.

Build a blaze safely…

Step 1: Check with your local fire department to confirm that outdoor fires are permitted in the area.

Step 2: Make sure the fire pit is at least 10 feet away from the home, surrounding buildings or flammable materials.

Step 3: Keep the pit properly surrounded by non-flammable material, such as rocks or cement, and clear away any dry leaves, sticks, overhanging low branches or shrubs from the area.

Step 4: Check the weather and avoid starting a fire on windy days when flames can travel easily through the air, especially in a dry environment.

Step 5: Once the area is prepped, light the fire using tinder and a non-liquid fire accelerant, such as a match. And remember…

Never light with gasoline or other combustible liquids. It’s important to keep the fire small and manageable so it’s easier to control. And never leave the fire unattended. A fire can become uncontainable quickly, so always keep an eye on it.

Do not burn anything in your fire pit that is not specifically designated as firewood. This includes furniture and other items that may have coatings that can create toxic smoke or burn more rapidly than firewood.

Always have a hose, bucket of water or shovel for dirt or sand close by to put out the fire, making sure to completely extinguish it before leaving.

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