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Sunbelt Pools of Georgia

Social distancing may have you taking a second look at your home amenities— and wishing for more.

Sunbelt Pools of Georgia

During the summer, nothing provides more outdoor fun than a pool. Steve Morgan, owner of Sunbelt Pools of Georgia, says business during the pandemic has picked up, and clients, many in the Buckhead area, have started siphoning money that would have been used on an expensive vacation toward a new pool. Here, we talk with Morgan about business trends and what homeowners should consider before diving into a pool installation. Start your project now, and your pool could be ready to use next summer.

What are the most common residential pool projects Sunbelt builds?

We try to make everything tailored and custom to the homeowners’ desires as well as their home design and get everything to fit in a budget. We try and steer them toward something that is going to maintain the value of the house and give them the highest level of happiness.

What are the most popular pool add-ons?

People like a shallow area where they can walk ankle deep, sit on a ledge lounger, play with little children or have a dog shelf—those are really popular. They also like water noise. A spa spilling into the pool might suffice, but bubblers often provide noise that camouflages the city [sounds].

How have you seen business shift during this pandemic?

We’ve been watching the trends since before 2007. Business tanked between the drought and the recession of 2008. The pool industry took a deep dive. We are now seeing things get back to the pre-recession era, which is kind of funny since we are in a recession now.

Why do you think business has picked up?

Lots of families are [reconnecting] and instead of being so busy and running around helter-skelter and not knowing each other, they are acquainting themselves with each other and saying this is a lot of fun. They are finding that the backyard is the most popular “room in the house.”

What should clients consider before installing a pool?

[Ask yourself] how much real joy it’s going to bring. When our grandkids come over and play, it’s the greatest joy to sit and watch them, even if I’m not in the pool. When I get home from work, I go in the backyard and just sit; I have an escape. It’s just awesome to realize how much joy you can have in your own little piece of nature.

Thoughts on saltwater vs. chlorine pools?

I recommend the saltwater pool for two reasons: It produces the chlorine that kills the germs, so you’re still getting all the cleaning of the water from chlorine, but you’re never touching it and almost never smelling it. Also, you get this super soft, silky water, and it feels so much better.

Sunbelt Pools of Georgia

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