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How To Use LinkedIn To Make More Money

How To Use LinkedIn To Make More Money

How To Use LinkedIn To Make More Money

Most of our articles strictly talk about personal finance, but I thought it would be cool to teach you about how to use the Social Media platform LinkedIn to help you make more money either with your career or your business.

Many business owners and individuals that I help at Hyperchat Social (Try Hyperchat Today) often ask about how to generate leads or get a pay raise at work. We know that lead generation is the end all be all problem for most business owners or individuals trying to grow their income.  What’s surprising is how many business owners don’t take advantage of free leads that may be right under your nose because you just didn’t realize how to get those leads.

Since the beginning of 2017, LinkedIn decided to completely overhaul their platform and interface with LinkedIn users.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that LinkedIn is feverishly trying to figure out how to create more recurring revenue income streams.  While the primary focused is still on the hiring and placement of jobs, LinkedIn does realize that there is a powerful epicenter between those that want to become a lead and those that need those leads.  Here are five ways to use LinkedIn to generate more leads.

  • Dux-Soup – Dux-Soup is a Google Chrome extension you can find in the Chrome store that can allow you to grow your connections from 500 to 5,000 in a very rapid fashion by using their automation system. Check this one out if you are serious about becoming more connected on LinkedIn that could lead to bigger and better job opportunities.
  • LinkedIn ProFinder – LinkedIn Profinder which looked like a marketplace for those on LinkedIn that needs various types of products and services and those that could offer those particular services. Profinder listed originally the top 30 or 40 categories for services that individuals were looking for including web design, resume writing, accounting, bookkeeping, legal, real estate and financial services.

LinkedIn Profinder can be found now by finding the WORK button at the top of the navigator toolbar.  Once you reach that tool bar, you’ll simply hit the button Profinder and you’ll be redirected to the actual Linkedin Profinder website.  From that website, you should automatically be logged in if you are logged into LinkedIn and you can see the entire marketplace of products and services that are offered on LinkedIn.  Then you can get FREE leads.

  • Improve Your Social Selling Score – If you didn’t realize it, LinkedIn actually measures how good of a social seller you are at and you’ll quickly find out what LinkedIn thinks about you within your network.
  • Add Publications – If you go to your profile, many people never add additional skills including adding publications to your profile. These publications are a really smart idea for people to click on various offerings you have including e-books, articles, or other places you were mentioned that could get people to learn more about you.
  • Add Your Mobile Phone Number – With more than half of the viewings of profiles now coming on LinkedIn mobile, one key thing to do is to add your mobile phone and e-mail as the first line on your summary profile. If you do this, then you’ll find your number and e-mail showing front and center when someone visits your mobile profile.  This will give you an advantage over your competition in terms of getting contacted.

Do you want to get trained or have me help your business do better with social media? Just go to Hyperchat Social to learn more about how to turn social into sales.


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