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Celebrity hairstylist Michael Kanyon

Celebrity hairstylist Michael Kanyon launches a beauty brand!

Celebrity hairstylist Michael Kanyon

Like many people, the pandemic made celebrity hairstylist Michael Kanyon take a hard look at where he was living and what he and his wife wanted for their future. “LA at that time was getting pretty scary,” he says. “Something inside was telling us to leave.”

When the Kanyons traveled to Atlanta in 2020, they loved the “vibe and vegetation,” as it reminded them of Long Island where they are from, yet with more Southern hospitality.

The couple settled in Buckhead the same year, where Kanyon does hair from his home salon. This summer, the former stylist for “America’s Next Top Model” launched KANYON Beauty, a brand with three high performance, vegan hair styling products that are made in America.

KANYON Beauty’s three launch products include the Thickening Lotion, Satin Dry Oil and Vitamin Mist.

Here, he talks about the brand, his experiences and the hottest hair trend.

What was the catalyst for launching KANYON Beauty?

I left the fashion world in New York and moved to LA in 2008. A lot of the people started asking me questions about ingredients. Little by little, I started looking at the ingredients in the products I had used for my entire career. I worked with a partner to formulate clean products years ago and have been using them on my clients. We’ve just branded them for sale as KANYON Beauty.

Why these three products?

I wanted to make sure I started with styling products that I have used on every single top model, in every photo on my Instagram. The Vitamin Mist has a low pH that gets into the hair shaft, neutralizing it. It gets rid of static and is a great detangler. The Thickening Lotion creates a foundation for your hair and scalp, producing a nourishing barrier around the root for a blow dry that holds for days. The Satin Dry Oil is a very light oil finishing mist that uses a perfume actuator [fine-mist technology].

You’ve been in the business for 20 years. When was the moment you knew you made it?

I still haven’t felt that yet! I constantly want to get to the next level. I get uncomfortable with success.

What was it like styling for “America’s Next Top Model”?

It was a family. I would get depressed after the season was over because of being around the same group of people for so long. And then we would see each other again, and it was like coming back to a party. It was one of the greatest jobs; I had it for nine years.

Who has been your favorite celebrity to style?

[Actress] Lindsey Morgan. She’s probably one of the nicest people I’ve ever worked on. Also, when I did Jack Nicholson’s hair, he wouldn’t take his sunglasses off! When he walked into the salon, you felt his presence.

Where do you like to go out in Atlanta?

Problem is, I would rather stay home! But I like Le Bilboquet, Le Colonial, Yebo Beach Haus and Pure Taqueria. I really like Inman Park where bartaco is, too. It reminds me of Soho in New York in the ’90s.

What’s the most notable hair trend right now?

Americana is coming back in a massive way. Thank you, [filmmaker] Taylor Sheridan, who I know by the way. We are done with buns, and sexy hair is in. Southern women never stopped with beautiful, sexy waves. Classic beauty never goes out of style.

What are you looking forward to creating next?

The product line will continue to expand into a lifestyle brand.


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