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A smartly organized garage maximizes storage space and parking.

Tips to make your garage work for you!

A smartly organized garage maximizes storage space and parking.
A smartly organized garage maximizes storage space and parking.

The garage tends to be the catch-all space for all things outdoors, but it can become so cluttered it’s no longer useful as a parking or storage spot. We spoke with Atlanta-based merchandise experts at The Home Depot about useful ways to upgrade your garage to make the most of its square footage.

Scott Jenschke

1. Clear the clutter and increase storage space.

Plan for your organization ideas and identify the locations of wall studs, outlets and other fixtures that will impact the ideal placement of storage systems. Take some time to clean out your garage, too. Being able to clearly see the floor and how much wall storage you have can help you choose the right organization system. Choose from storage cabinets, work benches, shelves, storage bins and totes as organization solutions.

PRO TIP: If you regularly park your car, riding lawn mower or any other large vehicles in your garage, measure the amount of space you have available for storage along the walls while the vehicles are inside. Allow several feet of space so you can move easily between the walls and vehicles, and avoid accidentally dropping anything from the wall onto your vehicle. Also, make sure you leave enough space to prevent damage from the garage door.

Scott Borgert

2. Use vertical space to organize.

Build storage with slatwall panels or track systems to keep larger items such as sports gear or seasonal items accessible. Track systems offer vertical storage options that can be used with hooks and shelving. Tracks often have a high weight capacity for hanging heavy, bulky or unusually shaped items that make them a great storage solution. Wall hooks are also a great way to free up space and are helpful for hanging bicycles, sports gear and other awkwardly shaped items.

Maureen McGinn

3. Upgrade your garage door opener.

Whether you’re shopping for the latest smart garage door opener that plays nicely with other networked devices or a budget- friendly model with quick, dependable operation, you can find an opener with the power, performance and features needed for your home. Consider what rooms are next to your garage and the times you’ll be using your garage the most. Look for one with the right combination of power and noise level. Think about whether a smart or Wi-Fi enabled system works for your home.


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