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The Best Way To Get Rid Of The Junk From Your Trunk

The Best Way To Get Rid Of The Junk From Your Trunk

The Best Way To Get Rid Of The Junk From Your Trunk

Writing catchy titles is my second favorite part of doing the Your Smart Money Moves column after helping all of you become better at making money decisions.  When I looked in the Urban Dictionary under Junk In Your Trunk, I got the following answer: a little more than badonkadonk but less extreme than having an SUV in the pants (boy that is a wide range!).  Use it in a sentence please: I don’t mind a woman with a little meat on her bones, a little junk in her trunk.  Most of us who own a home, end up acquiring a lot of clutter and junk at home, so I thought I would give you five places you can get rid of the junk from your trunk.

  1. Facebook- Recently, I’ve noticed more people selling tickets to professional sporting events or concerts right within their Facebook feed.  If you have something you want to sell from your home, I wouldn’t put a complete listing within a Facebook post, but a quick pix and note on an item or two you are selling make help you make an easy transaction to get rid of a piece of junk.
  2. NextWorth NextWorth is an easy place to sell your used or unwanted electronic goods.  It offers free shipping, insurance, and tracking on whatever you sell through the website.   As long as you are honest about the condition of your used electronic goods, you can get a free instant quote on what they will give you.  After inspection of your goods, you can get a check, PayPal transfer, or a Discover prepaid card.
  3. Threadflip Threadflip is a social marketplace for buying, selling, and discovering new, unique, and pre-loved fashion. With a few clicks, users can upload images of pieces straight from their closet, and sell clothing, shoes, bags, and jewelry they no longer wear. Thousands of new pieces are added every day. Threadflip’s White Glove Service allows women to receive a box to send in their unused and pre-loved items and Threadflip takes care of the rest.
  4. Half This is an eBay owned company, but nonetheless if you are looking to unload used books, CD’s, and video games, this is a great clean website to be able to make that happen.   Who is going to buy all those CD’s that you ripped off from the Columbia 6 for 1 penny and used multiple addresses to do it?
  5. ExBoyfriendJewelry As their slogan says, “You Don’t Want It. He Can’t Have It Back.”  Priceless.   The whole concept on this site is that pawn shops are icky and consignment shops are worse.  This website creates and exchange for the jewelry you don’t want anymore and allows you to sell it to someone else who likes the piece better.

I purposely didn’t list the big boys like eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist because they aren’t the only game in town.  If you’ve found from cleaning out your closets that you truly do have too much junk in your trunk, use these websites to make a smart money moves and shed a few pounds while you collect a few dollars!

Written by:
Ted Jenkin

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Ted Jenkin is a frequent guest columnist for the Wall Street Journal and Headline News Weekend Express.  He is the co-CEO of oXYGen Financial.  You can follow him on LinkedIn @ or on Twitter @tedjenkin

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